Monday, December 04, 2006


well, had a nice weekend. friday night was the company christmas party. we took the kid so she could meet the staff (although a few of them had come by to see her either at the hospital or our house) and she did fine. we have a gift exchange every year and luckily woody got a gift card to macaroni grill and i got one to the elephant bar, so thats pretty cool.
saturday i went and got a christmas tree. i got a noble fir, and this year we put it in the living room instead of the den. i have it about half decorated, and plan on finishing it this week. also, ed and mike came over that evening and we watched football. it was really nice to have them over, and they ended up staying the night.
sunday my dad was santa claus at a christmas tree farm in reedley, so georgia and i drove up to have her picture taken with him. it was a great day for it, the sun was out and it wasnt too cold. then i went to fresno to stay at my folks house for the night, and i came back to bakersfield after bekah and i had lunch together. good times.


Vanessa said...

thanks for the message! great to hear from you! what are you up to now?!?