Thursday, December 07, 2006


now, i decided a while back that i would try to pay more attention to current events, especially politics, and have not really done so. well, i had to take georgia in to see an orthapedist (what?) and had to wait for a while in the lobby until the doctor could see her, so i watched television since it was on and i had nothing better to do. it was some sort of news show, i dont think i paid attention to what show, or even the channel, but the prime minister of england was on and he was doing some sort of press conference with our president. now, i dont want to be the type of person that talks poorly about our leaders, but i think i have been able to not do so because i havent been paying attention for so long. as i sat and listened to the president answer questions asked by the prime minister and the press, i thought to myself 'he really is an idiot. and he really does mispronounce nuclear.' i just sat there thinking about how i was so disapointed in him, and worse, i was embarassed to be under his leadership. so, thats really it, and i apologize for nit having anything nice to say, but ive been bothered all day.


Adam said...

Good for you for paying attention making your own observations.

jennyo78 said...

So how is Georgia's arm?

Anonymous said...

"and i apologize for nit having anything nice to say"
"i thought to myself 'he really is an idiot. and he really does mispronounce nuclear."

nit? it hepls to spel things corectlee when u r criticizing somewhun 4 ther speakin.

just kidding. but, i will respectfully disagree with your assessment of the president. i may not like his politics but i honestly don't think he's an idiot. i think he is surrounded by advisors that he trusts and respects and they may not always point the u.s. in the right direction (rumsfeld). i think he's stubborn, and is unwilling to admit when he has made errors. but, i think he sees admitting fault as a sign of weakness, which is unacceptable in his vision for our war on terror. i also think this family may have a bit of that, 'don't call me chicken trait' that mj fox had in back to the future.

i also think that our country has been put in a difficult position and there were few good choices. if gore had won 8 years ago, we probably wouldn't have invaded iraq. but, let us remember, that we had an election after that invasion, even after the tide was turning in iraq. yet, the opposition could not defeat this person that was considered an idiot by so many.

as one who does a lot of public speaking, i recognize how difficult this can be. if you don't speak well (or write well), people think poorly of you. yet, these are not necessarily good indicators of intelligence. in fact, i used this very example of president bush being a poor public speaker and how this causes many to dismiss him as an idiot. but, this man did graduate from yale. some would say that this is only due to his familial relations, but i have more respect for yale. you've got to work to graduate from a top tier university. furthermore, he has an mba from harvard. i'm wondering how many other idiots have degrees from not one, but two ivy league schools?

now, i do believe that history will view g.w.bush as a poor president. and, his track record also suggested that he was generally a poor businessman. but hey, we're the country that twice elected this poor speaking yale graduate.

it is my belief, and i think i've heard dana point this out as well, that the president enjoys this aspect of himself. it endears him to many people as a "everyman." he's not slick, he's a good ol' boy. he's texas. and most fall for this. of course, his family is from conneticut (he was born there) and he graduated from two freakin ivy league schools. you don't get much more blue blooded than bush, but that doesn't stop a large portion of the world from thinking of him as a cowboy from texas.

finally, i found an interesting article on the subject of bush's pronunciation of nuclear: link

makes some interesting points. also, considering some differing shifts in pronunciation, he becomes less of an idiot. i know your assesment wasn't just based on this one thing, but it got me rolling.

Scott & Malisa Johnson said...

I watched this clip of bush speaking when he was running for governor years ago, and he was a great speaker. He was debating education of all things, and though I totally disagreed with what he was saying, he really brought his points forward clearly, and quickly. He was articulate, and calm, and since it was a debate, I don't believe he used the TelePrompTer at all.

But then you see him speaking now and yes, I would say that he is an idiot. There is even a doctor that I saw stating that he believes the president has partial dementia. Now I don't know about that, but it sounds like something happened to cause a change. Call it eight years in office taking a toll, or whatever.

I agree with Sara though, I am embarrassed to be represented by him, and I can't wait until he's gone.

(By the way Sara, go to youtube and see if you can find the clip from when Bush was responding about sovereignty. Then you will be really really sad.)

Adam said...

I agree with Ed to some extent that Bush is not an idiot. What he is, is a sociopath. But that's a whole other discussion.

As far as Ivy League. I personally have a hard time with gratiously offering weight to something because there is a tradition doing so. Every school graduates subpar students and I believe Bush was one of those.

I don't care if he went to Harvard and Yale. He's behaving like a frat member from Fresno State.

Anonymous said...

what, throwing keggers? date rape?

(these are things i think frat members might do. now, you former greeks out there, feel free to jump down my throat about the nobility of your system.)

Adam said...

No no, surrounding himself with a group of people who are loyal to each other regardless. You know, sort of like when frats gang rape someone and then they all lock arms and deny everything.

Invading Iraq was a bad idea, no no, never, stay the course. We didn't do it, they made us.

What? Mark Foley was being inappropriate towards pages? Naw, never heard about it. We aren't gonna reprimand anybody.

A group of tools, jerks, and douchebags all doing illegal and or dangerous things, all the while covering each other's asses.

What was that phrase Bush used when he was warned of 9/11? Oh yeah, "You've covered your ass." Huh, it's like real and stuff.