Friday, December 29, 2006

made the switch

i switched to blogger beta. not too sure why, or what it does for me, but im here. might have some questions for yall in betaland here in the near future...

Monday, December 25, 2006

merry christmas

well, merry christmas everyone! hope you all are having a good time.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

holiday baking

its that time of year again, and i am now done (mostly) with my xmas baking. every year i bake some goodies to give to our neighbors as gifts. i had planned on making these things:
1. merengues
2. baklava
3. rasberry thumbprints
4. candied lemon and orange peel
5. peanut blossoms

now, i started the other day trying the merengues, i read that they will keep for a week, so i figured that would give me a couple of days to get the other stuff done, and totally failed. the recipe calls for 3 egg whites and 2 tablespoons of sugar. thats it. now, using a double boiler you warm the whites with the sugar to dissolve it. i think this was my problem, the eggs didnt just warm, they probably cooked a little. after beating the mixture for 15 minutes it formed stiff peaks (like the recipe called for) and so i piped the merengues onto a cookie sheet and baked them for 1 hour 45 minutes. well, they looked nothing like the pictures, so i didnt even taste them before throwing them out. there is a slight chance i will try them tomorrow, but its unlikely.

the baklava came out fine. i made it tonight. my dad is in town and so between him and woody there was enough help to give me enough time to do it. the recipe really only takes time, its not hard to make.

the raspberry thumbprints never got made. i plan on making them for christmas though, and sharing them with family. ive never done them before, but dont think they will be too hard.

the candied peel was made yesterday, as it has to sit overnight after all of the steps are completed. well, not all of them, i still have to take them out of the simple syrup they are in and roll them in sugar, but that isnt supposed to be done until they are ready to be eaten.

the peanut blossoms were easy. i made them the other day, and weve already eaten like half of them (i always take the kiss off the top first, it ruins the whole cookie).

also, i added another item, raspberry almond bars. it just felt too empty without the thumbprints and merengues.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

treasurer no longer

last night was the kern county funeral directors christmas meeting, and the new officers were installed. this is good because it means i am no longer the treasurer. yay! i never really minded being the treasurer, but now that i am staying home, i dont want to have that to deal with. anyhoo here are some pics:

this is the plaque i recieved. the background isnt as bright as it appears here, and you cant read my name and stuff really well in this photo, but you get the idea.

here is the bottle of wine i was given for my year of service. yummy.

Thursday, December 07, 2006


now, i decided a while back that i would try to pay more attention to current events, especially politics, and have not really done so. well, i had to take georgia in to see an orthapedist (what?) and had to wait for a while in the lobby until the doctor could see her, so i watched television since it was on and i had nothing better to do. it was some sort of news show, i dont think i paid attention to what show, or even the channel, but the prime minister of england was on and he was doing some sort of press conference with our president. now, i dont want to be the type of person that talks poorly about our leaders, but i think i have been able to not do so because i havent been paying attention for so long. as i sat and listened to the president answer questions asked by the prime minister and the press, i thought to myself 'he really is an idiot. and he really does mispronounce nuclear.' i just sat there thinking about how i was so disapointed in him, and worse, i was embarassed to be under his leadership. so, thats really it, and i apologize for nit having anything nice to say, but ive been bothered all day.

Monday, December 04, 2006


well, had a nice weekend. friday night was the company christmas party. we took the kid so she could meet the staff (although a few of them had come by to see her either at the hospital or our house) and she did fine. we have a gift exchange every year and luckily woody got a gift card to macaroni grill and i got one to the elephant bar, so thats pretty cool.
saturday i went and got a christmas tree. i got a noble fir, and this year we put it in the living room instead of the den. i have it about half decorated, and plan on finishing it this week. also, ed and mike came over that evening and we watched football. it was really nice to have them over, and they ended up staying the night.
sunday my dad was santa claus at a christmas tree farm in reedley, so georgia and i drove up to have her picture taken with him. it was a great day for it, the sun was out and it wasnt too cold. then i went to fresno to stay at my folks house for the night, and i came back to bakersfield after bekah and i had lunch together. good times.