Wednesday, November 22, 2006

just because i can

Your Dominant Intelligence is Logical-Mathematical Intelligence

You are great at finding patterns and relationships between things.
Always curious about how things work, you love to set up experiments.
You need for the world to make sense - and are good at making sense of it.
You have a head for numbers and math ... and you can solve almost any logic puzzle.

You would make a great scientist, engineer, computer programmer, researcher, accountant, or mathematician.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

you might not even want to bother reading...

turns out that there isnt that much to write about...

woody and i are planning to come to fresno on friday if all goes well, work is pretty busy so were not too sure what time we will leave.

funny thing:
when i was a kid i didnt watch much television, but i would watch tgif all the time. turns out abcfamily channel reruns these shows like all day. i watched a few today. totally stupid shows. its almost embarassing.

super proud of myself: 4th day now in pre-pregnancy clothes. im not talking stretchy goucho pants and yoga wear, im talking jeans and such. they are a little tighter than they used to be, but not to the point of uncomfortability and all.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

nothing but time on my hands

well, my parents are back in fresno now. my mom stayed until monday evening and my dad left on sunday, so i was by myself with the baby all day yesterday. it turns out that although they are a lot of work, they sleep a ton, so i have quite a bit of time on my hands to dedicate to posting. the only drawback is that i am not doing anything but watching tv and shopping online for christmas gifts, so what will i have to blog about?? its not as hard to work on posts for georgia's page since she does stuff every day that i could write about, but really, its pretty boring for readers that either dont have children or arent related to me i suppose (i doubt that before i had a baby i would have read a babys blog much). so, i will try to be interesting here, and by interesting i mean write about something other than taye diggs on regis and kelly (although you all should watch his new show, day break in support of my brother-in-law, henry, who works on the show).

Saturday, November 11, 2006


so, i started christmas shopping last month. we have a company that we use for payroll at work that let us set up a holiday fund where they automatically take a pre-set amount of each of our paychecks (the amount we pick ourselves) out each pay period and put it into a holding account for holiday spending, and then on october 15 they cut you a check for the amount you saved that year(it doesnt earn interest, but its better than having to charge a bunch of gifts). anyway, i started to buy gifts for the people on my list and have about half of my shopping done. its nice to be so far along in the process, but now the people i have left to buy for are people that i am not sure what to get them. ive never been a fan of christmas lists because i feel like if i am buying someone a gift i should know them well enough to buy something i know they would like. but, at the same time, it does make it easier, especially for the hard-to-buy-for folks, so i suppose i just have to live with it.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

georgia jane

7 pounds, 10 ounces
20 inches long

on the operating table, just after birth.

woody awake with georgia.

woody asleep with georgia.

baby georgia

Sunday, November 05, 2006


woody went to see borat this afternoon and i went with him to do some christmas shopping while he was in the movie. after the show we went to applebees for a late lunch and the singer from korn was there with his family. now, we had to pass by him to get to our booth and woody recognized him right away. when we sat down he told me that jonathon davis was sitting over in a booth, to which i responded with a 'whos that?' and was told he is the singer for korn (and the band is from bakersfield, for those of you that know less about the band than i do). well, i dont think anyone else in applebees knew who he was, there wasnt a croud around him or anything, and i believe the only reason woody recognized him (really, he just liiked like any other dirty long-haired kid in ugly attire) was that when he was little (like 10 years old or so) jon worked for his grandpa at the mortuaries. woody thought he was really cool back then and i credit that for the reason he had liked korn ever since then. so, i tried to get him to go over and say hi, but he didnt, and after a while they left.

i go in to have my c-section tomorrow at 12:30. i am supposed to get to the hospital at 10 or so, i imagine to get an iv and epidural, but the actual surgery starts at 12:30. i will try to update soon, but have to be in the hospital for 48 hours at minimum. if anyone wants to come by and visit, i will be at bakersfield memorial hospital, or you could come by the house and hang out and go swimming.