Thursday, October 12, 2006

woodys wisdom teeth

well, woody got his wisdom teeth out today. he went in at 11am and by 1145 the nurse came out and told me that he did really well (what that means, i am not too sure, i would think that it was the doctor that did well, but anyhoo) and after about 15 more minutes to let him wake up they had me go to a little room to instruct me on what to do for the rest of the day with him. hes really high, not sure what they gave him in the operating room, but it was a very funny ride home. also, they gave him percocet, which i guess is pretty strong, and now he is sleeping. hes kind of swollen and cant talk well, either. very funny.
as for me, i have an awful sinus infection. i feel gross, but restless at the same time, which sucks. thats about it. if we are feeling better this weekend, we might take a ride up to fresno on saturday after work, as i hear the jay is going to be there. or is that a rumor? and what about becky?


Adam said...

Wow, hope you guys get better soon.

Anonymous said...

didn't make the trip. it's only the Jay appearing. give him a call and meet up with him. i'm sure he'd love to see you.