Monday, October 30, 2006

what a weekend

my dad and sister, rebekah, came down to visit on saturday night and stayed until sunday. i was going to replace the light in the babys room and bought the one i wanted (i had to find one with its own on/off switch) after looking for quite a while. well, when i got it home and started taking apart the existing one, i found wires that i did not know what to do with (or actually, a lack of wires that i did know what to do with), and realized that years ago when that light had been installed that there was no box used, so another problem for me. i decided to wait and let my dad do the install, so thats why he and bek came down. we went to dinner saturday night to celebrate my dad's birthday (which is actually today) and just sort of hung out around the house that evening. sunday was the day he put in the light, along with a second light for the babys bathroom, while bek and i cleaned (a little), and woody put in a new kitchen sink faucet. it was a very productive sunday, although after woody was done he went down to the cellar for some reason and discovered that the kitchen drain leaks. so today i called a plummer, who fixed it.
also, i decided that since the baby comes in 1 week exactly i should get some stuff done that has been needed for a while now. i went to tmobile and they are sending me another phone since my razr is not working properly. also, i went to costco and stocked up on things that i dont want to run out of while im in the hospital like dog food and cat food, and also picked up some nice reversible wrapping paper for christmas gifts. i am in the process of doing laundry, which i am sure i will have to do again before i go to the hospital, but i am going to attempt to wear the same thing every day until then so it will be quite a bit less than normal (gross, i know, but im way to huge to bend down and do a ton of laundry. mostly i am trying to get the house ready for the house cleaners that are coming on friday (a nice gift from woodys parents) so that they can concentrate on the stuff i really dont want to do myself (dusting, windows, floors, and bathrooms).
so, thats what ive got going on, so if anyone wants to stop by and say hi, i will probably be here.


Scott & Malisa Johnson said...

I think that you should post a picture of your wonderfully pregnant self so that I can see... since I can't stop by and visit you in person.

Doesn't being nine months pregnant feel great?