Friday, October 13, 2006

sick at work

so, im at work today, which sucks because i am super sick, but is good because when i stayed home most of yesterday i just ended up doing stuff around the house (it never seems to get clean...) and not resting. woody is home in bed, i checked on him after my doctor's appointment this morning (i am scheduled to have a c-section on november 6 (24 days from today)) and he is pretty high on those pain pills. you should all call him. also, its been raining and thunder/lightening-ing all morning (it woke me up at about 2 this morning), so im even more groggy than i would normally be. i am hoping to go home around 2 today.


Justin said...

Hey sara, sorry we were disconnected the other day, did you hang up or did I? Probably me, my phone was freaking out so they sent me a replacement.

keep up with the pregnant thing, no turning back now!

Anonymous said...

that's a long sick day.