Tuesday, October 03, 2006

records, friends, and my car

well, ed was wondering where all of woodys music stuff went since the babys room is now where the turn tables were. we have had the tables in our bedroom, wondering what to do with them, and random other music things (extra speakers, records, etc) in the dining room out of my way (but looking really awful), until last week when woody decided that the turn tables would be best in the den. here is a pic of the first stage of the project, with a nice new table from ikea (has great adjustable legs so the height is perfect):

we will be putting the computer in here as well, but hadnt figured out what sort of small desk we want for it yet at ikea, so well have to get that done next. also, we need storage underneath the tables so that the records can live there. overall its looking good, and my dining room should be cleared out this week. yay!

in other news, my friends dustin and jaydene came down from alameda to fresno this past weekend and we got to hang out for a couple of days. it was nice to see them, as the last time we did was at their wedding in canada like a year and a half ago. nice folks, see link to the left.

and finally, i got my car fixed. i have only had my jetta for 2 years now, and a long time ago i recieved a paper in the mail letting me know that there was a recall on the rear doors, they werent working properly or something, and i disregarded it because my car wasnt having any trouble. well, just a short time later the passenger rear door wouldnt open, and i have been too lazy to take the car in until monday, knowing that i had to get it done before the kid gets here or it will stay broken forever. so, i took it in yesterday morning and they called me in the afternoon to let me know that it was done but that there was a secondary something leak of the water-holding-ball-thing (their exact words even) and that the part wouldnt be there until tomorrow. so, its now done, and under warranty, so i get to have it back tonight. yay!


Adam said...

I think cardboard boxes would make great storage under the table.

Anonymous said...

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Adam said...
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Adam said...

Hey, anonymous. You should have a baby. People buy you all kinds of stuff when you're preggers.

timidvenus said...

aint that the truth.

i tried to talk woody into those wire storage cubbies, but i think he just wants to be picky or something. ill tell him about your suggestion though, adam.