Saturday, October 07, 2006

family for dinner

on wednesday i got a call from my uncle skip, who lives with my aunt sharon in anderson, ca (near redding). they were going to be staying in bakersfield thursday night on their way to victorville and wanted to take woody and me out for dinner thursday. uncle skip hosts our annual family st patricks day celebration (that i havent been to in a few years) up ar their house, and other than that holiday and thanksgiving we dont see them too much. so, they came over thursday night and we went to a great basque resturant. it was good to get to spend time with them, and uncle skip had a picture of his daughter, my cousin, catherine (actually i am not sure if i have spelled her name correctly) whom i have not seen a picutre of for years. also, big news: skip shaved his moustache. i have never seen him before without one (in the pic of him on his link he is the hairy one on the left, but hasnt always had a beard). so, good times.


Uncle Skip said...

Seems like it was a long time ago.
Yes, you spelled her name correctly.
The mustache has been gone now for almost three weeks and I'm still getting used to that... had it for almost 35 years. I really don't miss the beard.
It really was a good visit and probably the best meal on the whole trip.