Monday, September 25, 2006

new link

i have added a link for my friends, dustin and jaydene, who have recently moved to the united states. i met dustin in 1997 and we have been friends since then, some of you might have met him at my wedding, and he has lived in british columbia his whole life (i believe). he and his wife have moved down here, to alameda (near oakland), so that he can go to a chiropractor school near there. anyhoo, thats the new link.

also, going to be in fresno for the weekend, having a baby shower that you all should have recieved an invite to (well, not boys). no plans other than that, and woody will be with me, so we should be free to hang out as long as im not too tired (my sleep schedule has become a real pain).

in other news, as i am sure you heard from either dana or some other source, jenny and phil have had a baby. woody and i are hoping to go see him sometime this week, and if they let me i will take a couple of pics of him and post them.


Anonymous said...

Please pass message on: Congratulations Jenny and Phil!

timidvenus said...

will do beck.

also, went to the ogdens house, totally forgot to take pics. ryan (the baby) was cute though. i held him for a little while and didnt even make him cry. jenny said she and phil even got some sleep last night!

Monticore said...

Dana has pictures of the little Ogden on his Blog.

jennyo78 said...

Hey thanks Becky!