Wednesday, September 27, 2006

evil conservative

this morning woody and i had a breakfast meeting with the owner of a limo company that we use for funerals when a family wants a limo or two for their service at 7:30. we were on our way to the cafe when i saw a funny thing. there was an suv of some sort that had a large sticker on the back window that read 'evil conservative'. now, i dont know what that means, but it was just funny. what is the deal with these rediculous stickers on cars?? there is a car that is always parked by our bakersfield mortuary that has huge stickers that read 'it must suck to be you' along with a picture of a hand flipping off the reader of the sticker. classy. i mean, these letters are at least 8 inches tall. who does that?
anyhoo, my pics didnt come out too well, but i'll let you all see them anyway. theyre of the evil conservative car.

its the suv seen here, and like i said, poor pic quality, but whatever.

in this one you can at least see where the words are in relation to te rest of the back window. trust me, they really read 'evil conservative'.

and finally, the driver.


edluv said...

generally, i'm not a big on bumper stickers. the statement has got to be pretty important to me to advertise on my car.

but, i also know this philosophy isn't held by all.

and then, there are those who go overboard. stickers everywhere, large decals, etc. and then there's this guy, the evil conservative, who's willing to demonize himself. what i find funny is that he's in bakersfield, a mecca of conservativism. that decal would have much greater impact/significance in berkeley.

i always wonder about the legality of some of these new decorations, whether it's "evil conservative", a huge raiders shield, or whatever. the guidelines for window decorations are spelled out pretty clearly. i doubt they'd pull you over just for this violation, but i hope they'd tack it on with your other charges.

edluv said...

perhaps he wants belongs to a group that saves up all the evil, thus making this world a better place.