Wednesday, September 27, 2006

our neighbors

last month (or sometime around there) we got a note in the mailbox from our across-the-street neighbors. they have 3 kids (all under the age of 5) and the note went on about how nice it was that i am pregnant (which they did not know until she saw how huge i was one day, as we havent ever really talked with them much). so, finally, last night i went over to their house to say thanks for the note, and i ended up chatting with them for a while. their house has close to the same layout of ours, with some added square footage, and the wife, milena, showed me around. so, it was a nice chat and im glad i had a chance to go over there, she has a lot of the same parenting views that woody and i have, and we talked about that for a while. the only thing that sucked was that after a while i started to get really hot, and having had really low blood pressure my whole life, i could feel a black-out coming on. i asked for some water, and luckily i didnt actually pass out, but i had to sit down and for a while couldnt see anything. they did go across the street to get woody, and i was okay after a bit (although still hot for another hour or so), but i am totally embarassed. how lame, right? hi, im your neighbor, mind if i pass out in your kitchen? thanks.

evil conservative

this morning woody and i had a breakfast meeting with the owner of a limo company that we use for funerals when a family wants a limo or two for their service at 7:30. we were on our way to the cafe when i saw a funny thing. there was an suv of some sort that had a large sticker on the back window that read 'evil conservative'. now, i dont know what that means, but it was just funny. what is the deal with these rediculous stickers on cars?? there is a car that is always parked by our bakersfield mortuary that has huge stickers that read 'it must suck to be you' along with a picture of a hand flipping off the reader of the sticker. classy. i mean, these letters are at least 8 inches tall. who does that?
anyhoo, my pics didnt come out too well, but i'll let you all see them anyway. theyre of the evil conservative car.

its the suv seen here, and like i said, poor pic quality, but whatever.

in this one you can at least see where the words are in relation to te rest of the back window. trust me, they really read 'evil conservative'.

and finally, the driver.

Monday, September 25, 2006

new link

i have added a link for my friends, dustin and jaydene, who have recently moved to the united states. i met dustin in 1997 and we have been friends since then, some of you might have met him at my wedding, and he has lived in british columbia his whole life (i believe). he and his wife have moved down here, to alameda (near oakland), so that he can go to a chiropractor school near there. anyhoo, thats the new link.

also, going to be in fresno for the weekend, having a baby shower that you all should have recieved an invite to (well, not boys). no plans other than that, and woody will be with me, so we should be free to hang out as long as im not too tired (my sleep schedule has become a real pain).

in other news, as i am sure you heard from either dana or some other source, jenny and phil have had a baby. woody and i are hoping to go see him sometime this week, and if they let me i will take a couple of pics of him and post them.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

cant remember

okay, now i cant remember how to make a link. you will notice that my sidebar has spots for links and such, i remembered how to find the headings (on this template the pretty headings are gif pictures, not a font (does that make sense?)), but i cant remember how to make a link. it is one of the templates that didnt have a links section built in, and ive already messed up the 'powered by' section at the bottom of the sidebar, so im a bit apprehensive about it. also, the last time i did it there was a little dot before each link, and i really liked that. help!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

it was my last resort

i had to change my blog. i am going to change it back, but for now this is what you get. im so disappointed, the blogger folks couldnt help me. my template seemed fine, i guess. so i had to change the whole thing. bummer.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

project runway

i have been watching project runway reruns all weekend, between chores. i am so addicted. i had never seen it before, and now i cant wait to see it. i think the season is still going on, and that i havent missed out on the whole thing. how many seasons have there been so far???

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

target and the dog

i went to target tonight. i had to get some stuff for work: hair spray, disposable razors, tweezers, etc., and decided to get it all at target. i am always delighted at the cleanliness of the store. there is more than one target in bakersfield, and i have not been to one yet that is yucky. and they stay nice even now when they are re-vamping some of the sections of the store. its just always a pleasant experience. and you know what else? they have workers in the parking lot all the time to get carts. its wonderful being able to park close to the store because there arent an obscene amount of carts in the way.

and, i have a great dog. she is the best dog ever.