Tuesday, August 01, 2006


well, woody and i are flying out to the bahamas early thursday morning. we are hopefully driving down to la tomorrow and going to have dinner with our old boss, gerran, from the mortuary we lived in and worked at during mortuary school. nice folks, and we havent seen them in a long time, so i hope that works out. we will be staying at the atlantis hotel and casino (the largest casino in the bahamas). i hear it is on the water's edge, so hopefully ill get to do some swimming in the ocean (thats okay for pregnant people, right?).

anyhoo, im going to be taking my laptop, but am not too sure about internet access there, so if i can ill post pics of the trip, if not youll get them on friday when were back.

here is an update of the babys wall. i still have 2 or 3 coats of the light pink to do, and have not yet started on the darkest green. i keep forgetting my camera at work, but when im done ill take a few shots that are clear, and maybe a few close up.


edluv said...

don't go into the water at dawn or dusk, or in murky water. these are times that sharks feed.

and, they can attack in as little as three feet.

other than that, have a great time.

timidvenus said...

thanks, ed. ill keep that in mind.

Scott & Malisa Johnson said...

and don't swim where the fresh water meets the salt water. This is also a place where sharks feed.

Have fun! :)

edluv said...

i see someone else is watching shark week