Tuesday, August 15, 2006

maternity leave

well, i have spent a bit of time this morning trying to figure out maternity leave. we have a company that does our payroll for us, and they are the ones i call whenever i have a question about paid time off or medical coverage, things like that. so, i called them to see if they knew about maternity leave. well, i was connected with the paid time off guy (we dont have vacation/sick time, its lumped into paid time off) who said i could have all of my accrued pto for maternity leave, which is nice, but i plan on taking off more that my 2 weeks i have left for the year. but then he said that he doesnt deal really with maternity leave and that he would transfer me to heather, a lady that knows californias maternity leave laws (as it turns out, california is a pretty good place to live in terms of maternity money). so, heather explained tons of stuff to me, and told me how to file for disability (its strange that it is disability) when the doctor tells me not to work anymore (sometime before the birth). i had no idea i would be able to get this money. i thought it was just there for goverment workers or something, but, as it turns out, i have been paying for it forever, and now i get my money back i guess. she gave me a website that even showed me how much i get each week ( its about 60% of what i would get paid if i were working). and then, if that werent enough, i can get 'paid family leave', this new program in california, that allows for 6 additional weeks of paid leave to 'bond with a new minor child' (it also applies in the case of adoption). so, thats all pretty neat. free money.