Monday, August 21, 2006

i <3 ebay

i think i am addicted. i have been going on ebay for quite some time now, probably since 2002 or so. every now and then there is something i want that i find on ebay for a good price. its been good for out of print books, and also my everyday dishes that were my grnadparents that arent made any longer. so, i have purchased enough to think ebay is a good thing, and have been in the habit of checking it every so often for various things. well, i have gone overboard. now i check it all the time, mostly for baby stuff. there is so much out there that i didnt even know existed. i think my next purchase is going to be a diaper sprayer, this nifty thing that is helpful for parents planning on using cloth diapers. you all should look it up, very handy.

also, i know i havent updated in a bit. woody and i (well, woody mostly) have been working on the website for work fairly hard and are hoping to have it up this week. when it is ill post it so you can test it out for us and look for spelling mistakes and such.

i am thinking about getting a baby blog as well. i am sure i will still post a thing or two here about her, but i think it would be best if there was a seperate one that was baby only, so as not to bore or lose those of you that arent as interested as say, my family. i will, however, post some of the 3d pics we had done today at the doctors office. weird stuff, those 3d pics.


edluv said...

i've thought about listing my paintings on ebay. have you sold anythings through them, or just purchased?

your said...

earn money - tramadol cool blog :)

The Jay said...

Look at me, I'm a stoopid comment spammer.

Seriously, Sara, you should get that spray-on diaper. What a great idea! What a fantastic modern world we live in!

Adam said...

Why get a spray on diaper when you can get a nanny and avoid the whole task?

edluv said...

well, if you really want to avoid the task, don't have kids. or, let your kids walk around bare butt.

timidvenus said...

ive never sold on ebay, but i have been wanting to. i dont really have anything to sell, but it just seems like it would be fun.

and sign me up for some spray-on diapers. sounds easy.