Tuesday, August 29, 2006

this is what i have been up to:

had jenny and phil over for dinner last night along with some friends of theirs (and i suppose now they are friends of ours), amanda and chris. good time. i made a couple of new recipies, an avocado salad with lime-soaked red onions and a lime-cilantro dressing, and cheesecake (which i thought would not turn out nearly as well as it did).

i made a website for the baby. i will post baby-related things there so that those of you that dont care about diapers and paint on the wall dont have to read about it, and so that family members that dont care about anything but the baby wont have to bother with this site. hopefully it wont be too boring.

woody and i are planning a trip up to fresno this weekend. we supposedly have monday off as well, although we wont know until sunday if that is really the case, so maybe we will be at eds church sunday evening. are there any plans for the weekend? anyone going to be around?

other than that, weve just been lazy. im hitting a point where i seem to be really tired at odd points in the day. just this morning woody let me sleep until 9 and i was so tired that i couldnt figure out where i was or what was going on when i woke up. such is pregnancy though, i guess.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

i dont know if this will work

here is the video of the baby if it works. she is opening her hand and then closing it. its only 4 seconds long, but is pretty neat. i think there are a couple of other videos that we got, but i havent looked all through them yet. if it doesnt work, someone is going to have to help me out with either youtube or embedding a video in a post.

the baby in 3d

this is what the baby looks like.

in this one her arm is in front of her mouth. it was really hard for us to first see her in all of these, but now i can right away, so i forget how hard it is to tell what it is youre looking at.

this is another one of her face. we also got a video clip that i would like to load, but am really tired and dont want to try to figure out how to do that today, so, maybe tomorrow.

Monday, August 21, 2006

i <3 ebay

i think i am addicted. i have been going on ebay for quite some time now, probably since 2002 or so. every now and then there is something i want that i find on ebay for a good price. its been good for out of print books, and also my everyday dishes that were my grnadparents that arent made any longer. so, i have purchased enough to think ebay is a good thing, and have been in the habit of checking it every so often for various things. well, i have gone overboard. now i check it all the time, mostly for baby stuff. there is so much out there that i didnt even know existed. i think my next purchase is going to be a diaper sprayer, this nifty thing that is helpful for parents planning on using cloth diapers. you all should look it up, very handy.

also, i know i havent updated in a bit. woody and i (well, woody mostly) have been working on the website for work fairly hard and are hoping to have it up this week. when it is ill post it so you can test it out for us and look for spelling mistakes and such.

i am thinking about getting a baby blog as well. i am sure i will still post a thing or two here about her, but i think it would be best if there was a seperate one that was baby only, so as not to bore or lose those of you that arent as interested as say, my family. i will, however, post some of the 3d pics we had done today at the doctors office. weird stuff, those 3d pics.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

maternity leave

well, i have spent a bit of time this morning trying to figure out maternity leave. we have a company that does our payroll for us, and they are the ones i call whenever i have a question about paid time off or medical coverage, things like that. so, i called them to see if they knew about maternity leave. well, i was connected with the paid time off guy (we dont have vacation/sick time, its lumped into paid time off) who said i could have all of my accrued pto for maternity leave, which is nice, but i plan on taking off more that my 2 weeks i have left for the year. but then he said that he doesnt deal really with maternity leave and that he would transfer me to heather, a lady that knows californias maternity leave laws (as it turns out, california is a pretty good place to live in terms of maternity money). so, heather explained tons of stuff to me, and told me how to file for disability (its strange that it is disability) when the doctor tells me not to work anymore (sometime before the birth). i had no idea i would be able to get this money. i thought it was just there for goverment workers or something, but, as it turns out, i have been paying for it forever, and now i get my money back i guess. she gave me a website that even showed me how much i get each week ( its about 60% of what i would get paid if i were working). and then, if that werent enough, i can get 'paid family leave', this new program in california, that allows for 6 additional weeks of paid leave to 'bond with a new minor child' (it also applies in the case of adoption). so, thats all pretty neat. free money.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

some more pics

woody swimming with the fishes.

okay, it wont let me load more right now for some reason. ill try later.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

vacation pics

well, we are back from the bahamas. we had a nice time, but are glad to be home. we did a lot of nothing while we were there. slept, ate, swam. we also went to a comedy show that was pretty good, went snorkeling, and saw a couple of movies. the resort we were at had an aquarium that was neat too, and the pics i have are from there. i am also posting more to my flickr account, but was not very good about taking pics throughout the trip, so, its mostly just fish.
we flew into la on thursday night and roxanne, woodys sister, picked us up on her new 2004 cadillac. i cant remember what kind it is, but its a nice ride. we stayed at roxy and henrys house that night and had breakfast with roxy friday morning before heading back to bakersfield. it was nice to get to spend some time down there.
then friday night we went to see talladega nights with jenny and phil and another couple. funny movie, although i think elf is still my favorite will ferrell movie (im a sucker for christmas i guess).
anyhoo, here are some pics:
there were lots of this fish. it is about a foot long.

jellyfish. woodys favorite of all the marine life. there were more kinds of them, but this one came out the best.

clown fish. very pretty.

sea horse. about 3 inches long.

so, we are thinking about getting an aquarium.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

in the bahamas

well, were here now, and its really nice despite tropical depression chris. today it was overcast for a while in the afternoon, and i think it even sprinkled a little, but yesterday the weather was sunny and hot. we went to the beach even for a while and swam in the ocean with some fish. i am using the internet on the tv right now, but am going to try to get my laptop hooked up so that i can oad some pics. we have sea turtles just outside the balcony of the room. so, there's a short update!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


well, woody and i are flying out to the bahamas early thursday morning. we are hopefully driving down to la tomorrow and going to have dinner with our old boss, gerran, from the mortuary we lived in and worked at during mortuary school. nice folks, and we havent seen them in a long time, so i hope that works out. we will be staying at the atlantis hotel and casino (the largest casino in the bahamas). i hear it is on the water's edge, so hopefully ill get to do some swimming in the ocean (thats okay for pregnant people, right?).

anyhoo, im going to be taking my laptop, but am not too sure about internet access there, so if i can ill post pics of the trip, if not youll get them on friday when were back.

here is an update of the babys wall. i still have 2 or 3 coats of the light pink to do, and have not yet started on the darkest green. i keep forgetting my camera at work, but when im done ill take a few shots that are clear, and maybe a few close up.