Friday, July 28, 2006

yay its friday!

well, actually, i have to work this weekend, but im excited its friday anyway.

yesterday the rod for the curtains in the babys room were delivered, so i got to work on that. see, i really like to do stuff around the house, like putting up curtains, painting walls, putting things together, etc., and woody really doesnt. it works out well though, because hes not much of a 'read directions' kind of guy, so things he attempts usually dont come together all that quickly (really there is only one thing i remember him attempting to put together and that was the barbeque, which i ended up finishing). and, to be honest, power tools just dont interest him, so drilling holes in walls and such is just not on his list of things to do, whereas i love that sort of thing. could do it all day. this works out well for us: he doesnt get in my way, and i can do things i want to do, like hanging curtains.
so, that is what i did last night. first i did another coat of paint on the wall (i am now using one of the greens, working on the stems), and then i set to work on the rod. it took about 20 minutes, and then i had to iron all of those silly pannels. after hanging them i decided they looked great. they are a bit long, which i like, and the bows dont look too silly (i was a little worried about them being way too obnoxious, but the curtains needed something as they were so plain) so i think they will stay. with the curtains shut a little light gets through (my mom says that it should let some light through so that the baby gets used to sleeping in the daytime), and with them open they just look nice (see pics). woody really likes the bamboo (or whatever they are) shades on the window, so were leaving them.
i also hung a sheer white curtain on the bathroom door to match the others i posted the other day.
now im disapointed that i have no other reason to use my drill...


jennyo78 said...

Sara, the room looks so cute! I love the bows at the top of the curtains.

timidvenus said...

thanks jenny.