Thursday, July 06, 2006

weekend at the woodys

so, when are people getting here?

i am planning a great weekend of painting the babys room and putting furniture together for the boys, and some knitting and sewing for the girls.

just kidding, the baby is going to paint her own room.

well, im not too sure what time the soccer games are on, but any and all of them can be watched at our house. and we are planning a poker tourney, ed says $20 buy in. ive been practicing though, so watch out, and woody has been too, although hes never really been that good (but he did win $600 last night, which is pretty impressive. ask him about the guy that he 'cracked'. he so proud, its hillarious).

also, i will have a lot of veggies for cooking on the grill, i know eleanore doesnt dig on cow, and i am not much into food with faces (well, unless were talking about bacon, its just too tasty), but you all can let me know what i might want to get at the store that is yummy. ill see what i can do.

and bring a bathing suit or two. its gonna be hot, and you all could use a tan.


Adam said...

Hey, I already have a tan. It goes from my hairline to my neck and then starts up again at the end of my sleeves continuing on down to my fingertips.

Adam said...

Oh, and Eleanore and I will be traveling down there with the hopes of arriving some time around noon on Saturday and we plan on spending the night, I think. If any of that changes, I'll be sure to notify you. And I'll need directions.

As far as poker is concerned, you can probably count us out. I've lost enough money in that damn game, mostly to Ed (which is probably why he's raising the entry fee, trying to squeeze a little more cash out of me). $20 is a lot to sit and watch dwindle to nothing. It might be more worthwhile for me to get 20 one-dollar bills, fold each one into an origami figure and give them away.

kendalljean said...

Guess what! Guess what! I am coming to Bakersfield afterall! LA plans fell through... I am so excited! I think I am coming down with the Stewarts or they with me, if they want to take my car. The timing is up to them. Can't wait! And I might be in for poker although I might need a few pointers as I hardly play.

Ann Thrope said...

I tried IMing you but I'm not sure it went through. What can I bring food etc. wise?

edluv said...

ok. i was going to call woody to check the time stuff out, but since you put it out there i assume he's cool with what you said.

soccer on sat is @ 12. soccer on sun is about the same time. so, i think you can count on us being there from about noon sat until 2ish sun.

and, i think we may try and just do a little grocery shopping when we get down there and see what's needed. well, after soccer we can go shopping.

haven't figured out exactly how we'll ride. i know it's heather and i, mike, kendall, adam & eleanor. i'm guessing those last two will ride together but am not positive.

brian is still sitting on a maybe. he may be going to visit his brother who's now living in yosemite.

finally, as to the buy in, we could lower it. i was just suggesting that amount as a fair, yet interesting amount. if some might only be able to afford say $10, that's cool. and no one is forced to play. i know heather won't. but mike's in.

timidvenus said...

yeah e, i didnt get the im. im not too sure what you could bring. if you have some favorite food that i would never buy because of the grossness of it (snails, which i really consider an animal anyway, chocolate bars, etc.) you can bring that along, otherwise i think well get it all figured out saturday.

and yay kendall, were really excited!

adam, ill email you distructions to the house.

edluv said...

the directions are easy.
get on freeway in fresno going south
get off in bakos @ appropriate exit, go left.
get to appropriate tree named street, go right. get to woody's house, make u turn and park. get out.

see, it's that easy. now we all know how to get there.

edluv said...

btw, tell woody that it's hard out here for a pimp

The Jay said...

Can I show up even without a maillot de bain?

I wish badly that Becky and I could be there this weekend.

edluv said...

nope jackhole. if you come you've got to bring a swimming suit.

Adam said...

Maybe if you didn't do it so badly, your wish would come true. =P

kendalljean said...

It was a great time, with great friends and GREAT hosts.

Thanks again Sara!

edluv said...

yep, great time.