Tuesday, July 11, 2006

spending money

i went to the home depot tonight and picked the paint for the baby's room. i am going with frogs and lily pads, and this is a pic of the paint colors i chose:

i will be using all but the second darkest green, and two of the pinks. i think they will look good together.

i also went to kinkos to copy the frog drawing onto transparancy so that i can project the pics onto the wall and not have to free-hand them (which i doubt would turn out well), although i am not sure where i am going to find an overhead projector. my mom always used one from my dads school (she used to paint a lot of murals in rooms) that he would bring home, but im a bit too far for that. so if you all have any ideas, let me know.

then i went to barnes and noble to get a birthday present for my cousin, nate, whos birthday is thursday. i realize the gifts will be late, but i think hell be okay with it.

i bought 2 books for myself, pictured here:

they were both bargain books, and are really nice. ill be looking through them this evening.

thats about it.


Anonymous said...

I like the colors that will be a fun room live in for a little one. Maybe you can use one of those big flash lights. set it on a table or something...maybe.

I'll be sure to look for a nice stuffed frog animal to add to the flavor! Or are you a frog snob...hahaha.

jennyo78 said...

Hey Sara,
I really like the frogs and lily pads idea. I love pink and green for a little girls room. Very cute. Maybe Shafter MB has a projector that Cheryl can borrow for you? I don't think I'm allowed to borrow the projector from my school otherwise I'd offer that to you. Just an idea.


timidvenus said...

i dont think im a frog snob...lol

jenny, thats a great idea. i bet they do have one. ill have to do some sweet-talking, but i bet i can get them to let me borrow it.

kendalljean said...

Love the colors! I can't wait to see how it turns out.

Talk to you tomorrow morning. :)

kendalljean said...

p.s. I love that the chips and cards are in the background.

Adam said...

Sweet books.

timidvenus said...

i knew you would adam.