Tuesday, July 25, 2006


here are some pics of the babys room so far, i did a lot of work on it today:

this is a curtain. there is a large window in the babys room, and this is one of the pannels that will cover it. its hard to tell here, but they are a sage-ish green, they match the lightest color of green paint that is going on the wall. tonight i added the white satin bows at the top. i have only done half of the bows so far though. the finials (those decorative things that go on the end of a curtain rod) that i ordered came in the mail today as well, but the rod itself has not arrived yet. it was pretty hard finding a rod long enough, the window is 10 feet wide and most curtain rods only go to 8 feet, but i found some online. as soon as it gets here and i put it up i will show you all how the curtains look.here are more curtains i put up today. these doors go from the babys room to the dining room. i am going to use the same type of curtain for the bathroom door as well.

finally, this is the begining of the painting that will be above the crib. these are the beginings of flowers. they still need another coat or two, but are coming alone more quickly than i anticipated.


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