Tuesday, July 18, 2006

just rambling

what miserable weather. dont get me wrong, i love the heat, but it is just nasty outside. i hate overcastness.

i think i might be going to santa barbara this weekend to visit my friend, carrie, but am not sure yet. woody wants to go up to berkeley to hang with his buddy, russell, and i havent been to see my girl in quite some time.

also, my granny now has email. this is pretty exciting.

my dad has been updating his blog regularly, and i talked to him today about it. i told him he should get a sitemeter, and he did (this past weekend i think). just now on the phone he told me that he already had 6 visitors and that one was from tulsa (or somewheres like that) and was really excited. so, thats pretty cool. my uncle skip (my moms brother who reads my blog) has even made a comment on dads, as well as my uncle doug (my dads brother, who i dont think has ever been to mine). so, my dad is getting into this whole thing.


Adam said...

Why don't you go to SB and Woody go to Berkeley? Then you both get to see people you want to see.

On my way to hit up your dad's blog, give him a little fresno.edu action.

timidvenus said...

okay, i guess i wanst clear. that is the plan so far, ill go to sb and woody will go to berkeley, we just havent decided for sure yet.

its so funny how excited we get when theres a new spot on our sitemeter. hell love it.

Adam said...

Oh, well that makes sense.