Thursday, July 20, 2006

im tired of arguing, girl

well, i have become a very lazy music buyer. if i cant find something on itunes, i dont buy it. this hasnt really been a problem for me, except for one thing: aaliyah is not on itunes. now, i am a big fan of hers, and i have been wanting some more of her music for quite a while now, but am not motivated enough to really look for it. i checked at target, no luck, and at bestbuy (next door to target), also no luck. thats about as hard as i tried. see, i have never liked cds. i hate the cases they come in and all. i dont even keep the paper folded thing with all the pictures on it. too much space is taken up. just a waste of my time, really. who looks at those things after the initial purchase anyway? not me.
so, i was not motivated. but then, the other week on entourage, there was a song that woody really liked, and after some research, i found the song, and the album. well, they were not offered on itunes, so woody asked if i could find them on amazon, which i could. this gave me a perfect oppurtunity to get aaliyahs album, ultimate aaliyah (seen here).

it came in yesterday, along with the two cds woody wanted, and boy is it good. i love it. i cant wait to put it on my ipod and throw away the case.

in other news, i have registered for baby stuff. if you would like to check out what i want for little baby woody, take a gander. i might put a link to it on my sidebar, especially since i have nothing to do at work today, but who knows. this is the registry at target. this is the site for little dreamer, a store in fresno (next to nordstrom rack) that i registered at, but they dont have it avaliable online. cute shop though.

also, my aunt joanne came down to fresno on saturday, and i came up, and she gave me some presents for the baby. now, she never had a baby girl, so she went a little nuts buying this little one clothing. she did very well, though, everything is adorable. she even bought her an orange sun hat. i took a pic of the closet organizer i bought at target the other day and assembled (although between these two guys, i dont know if i want to show the cheap quality of the piece) in order to have somewhere to put the babys clothes. i have a dresser that my parents gave me, but its 1/2 inch too wide for the closet. i can get it in, but the drawers dont open. so, i needed something, and this thing worked. i might even go get another one, if i need more space (notice the two cloth drawers at the bottom, pink). the closet goes on to the right quite a bit, so there is a lot more room than it looks like to hang dresses in.


timidvenus said...

i also registered at

Adam said...

Please, I'm meticulous about quality and all, but the biggest piece of furniture I own is IKEA, six feet tall and 7 feet long, serving as a focal point for my entire living room/kitchen.

At least you're hiding this stuff in closets and covering it with baby clothes.

chiva de corazon said...

alaiyah!? I recomend 1.Milosh/You make me feel, 2.Manu Chao/Esperanza, 3.Herbert/Scale, 4.Sleepy Jackson/One was a spider one was a bird, 5.Animal Collective/Feels + so many more to list for a non-typer like me.