Saturday, July 01, 2006

fresno fuego v bakersfield brigade

fresno wore white
bakersfield wore red
nick wore black
the other keeper wore blue

fresno scored twice in the forst half, the first one was by #12, the second by #5.
fresno won 2-0.

nick was fouled but it wasnt called (at least, it seemed like it. he went to catch the ball and was up in the air and a bakersfield player got under him somehow. it was strange, but i would have called a foul.)

here are the pics:

nick warming up. random pic of the game, near the beginning.
nick getting ready to kick the ball.
nick kicking the ball (notice its in the air).
nick getting ready to catch the ball. by this point the folks behind me knew that i knew nick, all of whom were very impressed by his performance. also, he now has a fan-club of five-year-olds, who think his kicks are 'awesome'.

final score.

and, there were fireworks afterwards!