Friday, July 28, 2006

yay its friday!

well, actually, i have to work this weekend, but im excited its friday anyway.

yesterday the rod for the curtains in the babys room were delivered, so i got to work on that. see, i really like to do stuff around the house, like putting up curtains, painting walls, putting things together, etc., and woody really doesnt. it works out well though, because hes not much of a 'read directions' kind of guy, so things he attempts usually dont come together all that quickly (really there is only one thing i remember him attempting to put together and that was the barbeque, which i ended up finishing). and, to be honest, power tools just dont interest him, so drilling holes in walls and such is just not on his list of things to do, whereas i love that sort of thing. could do it all day. this works out well for us: he doesnt get in my way, and i can do things i want to do, like hanging curtains.
so, that is what i did last night. first i did another coat of paint on the wall (i am now using one of the greens, working on the stems), and then i set to work on the rod. it took about 20 minutes, and then i had to iron all of those silly pannels. after hanging them i decided they looked great. they are a bit long, which i like, and the bows dont look too silly (i was a little worried about them being way too obnoxious, but the curtains needed something as they were so plain) so i think they will stay. with the curtains shut a little light gets through (my mom says that it should let some light through so that the baby gets used to sleeping in the daytime), and with them open they just look nice (see pics). woody really likes the bamboo (or whatever they are) shades on the window, so were leaving them.
i also hung a sheer white curtain on the bathroom door to match the others i posted the other day.
now im disapointed that i have no other reason to use my drill...

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


here are some pics of the babys room so far, i did a lot of work on it today:

this is a curtain. there is a large window in the babys room, and this is one of the pannels that will cover it. its hard to tell here, but they are a sage-ish green, they match the lightest color of green paint that is going on the wall. tonight i added the white satin bows at the top. i have only done half of the bows so far though. the finials (those decorative things that go on the end of a curtain rod) that i ordered came in the mail today as well, but the rod itself has not arrived yet. it was pretty hard finding a rod long enough, the window is 10 feet wide and most curtain rods only go to 8 feet, but i found some online. as soon as it gets here and i put it up i will show you all how the curtains are more curtains i put up today. these doors go from the babys room to the dining room. i am going to use the same type of curtain for the bathroom door as well.

finally, this is the begining of the painting that will be above the crib. these are the beginings of flowers. they still need another coat or two, but are coming alone more quickly than i anticipated.

Monday, July 24, 2006

santa barbara and smoke

well, i had a nice weekend in santa barbara. i went to see my friend carrie, from high school (and some of you might remember her from my wedding, she was a bridesmaid) and we hung out with some of her friends. anyhoo, nice time, relaxing.

on my way back, i took a couple of pics of the sunset, it looked so pretty. i was on the 5 freeway, somewhere south of frazier park but north of the 126.

then, i noticed smoke up ahead. here are two more pics, these of a fire. it was just about at the frazier park exit and to the west. lots of smoke.

Friday, July 21, 2006

baby counter

if anyone wants to know when the baby is due, i put a counter at the bottom of my page.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

just for fun

im tired of arguing, girl

well, i have become a very lazy music buyer. if i cant find something on itunes, i dont buy it. this hasnt really been a problem for me, except for one thing: aaliyah is not on itunes. now, i am a big fan of hers, and i have been wanting some more of her music for quite a while now, but am not motivated enough to really look for it. i checked at target, no luck, and at bestbuy (next door to target), also no luck. thats about as hard as i tried. see, i have never liked cds. i hate the cases they come in and all. i dont even keep the paper folded thing with all the pictures on it. too much space is taken up. just a waste of my time, really. who looks at those things after the initial purchase anyway? not me.
so, i was not motivated. but then, the other week on entourage, there was a song that woody really liked, and after some research, i found the song, and the album. well, they were not offered on itunes, so woody asked if i could find them on amazon, which i could. this gave me a perfect oppurtunity to get aaliyahs album, ultimate aaliyah (seen here).

it came in yesterday, along with the two cds woody wanted, and boy is it good. i love it. i cant wait to put it on my ipod and throw away the case.

in other news, i have registered for baby stuff. if you would like to check out what i want for little baby woody, take a gander. i might put a link to it on my sidebar, especially since i have nothing to do at work today, but who knows. this is the registry at target. this is the site for little dreamer, a store in fresno (next to nordstrom rack) that i registered at, but they dont have it avaliable online. cute shop though.

also, my aunt joanne came down to fresno on saturday, and i came up, and she gave me some presents for the baby. now, she never had a baby girl, so she went a little nuts buying this little one clothing. she did very well, though, everything is adorable. she even bought her an orange sun hat. i took a pic of the closet organizer i bought at target the other day and assembled (although between these two guys, i dont know if i want to show the cheap quality of the piece) in order to have somewhere to put the babys clothes. i have a dresser that my parents gave me, but its 1/2 inch too wide for the closet. i can get it in, but the drawers dont open. so, i needed something, and this thing worked. i might even go get another one, if i need more space (notice the two cloth drawers at the bottom, pink). the closet goes on to the right quite a bit, so there is a lot more room than it looks like to hang dresses in.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

just rambling

what miserable weather. dont get me wrong, i love the heat, but it is just nasty outside. i hate overcastness.

i think i might be going to santa barbara this weekend to visit my friend, carrie, but am not sure yet. woody wants to go up to berkeley to hang with his buddy, russell, and i havent been to see my girl in quite some time.

also, my granny now has email. this is pretty exciting.

my dad has been updating his blog regularly, and i talked to him today about it. i told him he should get a sitemeter, and he did (this past weekend i think). just now on the phone he told me that he already had 6 visitors and that one was from tulsa (or somewheres like that) and was really excited. so, thats pretty cool. my uncle skip (my moms brother who reads my blog) has even made a comment on dads, as well as my uncle doug (my dads brother, who i dont think has ever been to mine). so, my dad is getting into this whole thing.

Thursday, July 13, 2006


well, richard feynman was an answer on jeopardy tonight. pretty exciting. he was the $1000 answer in the 'f'riends of science catergory. nobody got it (well, i did, but i was doing very well tonight).

in other news, i think my daughter might have a name, but well see. ill let you all know as soon as i know for sure. this ones a good one.

and ive been meaning to post a blurb about a cd i bought and have loved. its called 'how to save a life' and is by a band called the fray. they sound a lot like coldplay, but i like coldplay, so its not a problem. really a good listen.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

my dad

well, he has had a link for a while, and hasnt posted since december, but my dad has put up a new post. i am hoping that this plug will get him to post more often, as he is a very interesting grandpa-to-be, and his best girl thinks he might have quite a bit to share with the rest of us. so, enjoy!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

spending money

i went to the home depot tonight and picked the paint for the baby's room. i am going with frogs and lily pads, and this is a pic of the paint colors i chose:

i will be using all but the second darkest green, and two of the pinks. i think they will look good together.

i also went to kinkos to copy the frog drawing onto transparancy so that i can project the pics onto the wall and not have to free-hand them (which i doubt would turn out well), although i am not sure where i am going to find an overhead projector. my mom always used one from my dads school (she used to paint a lot of murals in rooms) that he would bring home, but im a bit too far for that. so if you all have any ideas, let me know.

then i went to barnes and noble to get a birthday present for my cousin, nate, whos birthday is thursday. i realize the gifts will be late, but i think hell be okay with it.

i bought 2 books for myself, pictured here:

they were both bargain books, and are really nice. ill be looking through them this evening.

thats about it.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

weekend at the woodys

so, when are people getting here?

i am planning a great weekend of painting the babys room and putting furniture together for the boys, and some knitting and sewing for the girls.

just kidding, the baby is going to paint her own room.

well, im not too sure what time the soccer games are on, but any and all of them can be watched at our house. and we are planning a poker tourney, ed says $20 buy in. ive been practicing though, so watch out, and woody has been too, although hes never really been that good (but he did win $600 last night, which is pretty impressive. ask him about the guy that he 'cracked'. he so proud, its hillarious).

also, i will have a lot of veggies for cooking on the grill, i know eleanore doesnt dig on cow, and i am not much into food with faces (well, unless were talking about bacon, its just too tasty), but you all can let me know what i might want to get at the store that is yummy. ill see what i can do.

and bring a bathing suit or two. its gonna be hot, and you all could use a tan.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

fresno fuego v bakersfield brigade

fresno wore white
bakersfield wore red
nick wore black
the other keeper wore blue

fresno scored twice in the forst half, the first one was by #12, the second by #5.
fresno won 2-0.

nick was fouled but it wasnt called (at least, it seemed like it. he went to catch the ball and was up in the air and a bakersfield player got under him somehow. it was strange, but i would have called a foul.)

here are the pics:

nick warming up. random pic of the game, near the beginning.
nick getting ready to kick the ball.
nick kicking the ball (notice its in the air).
nick getting ready to catch the ball. by this point the folks behind me knew that i knew nick, all of whom were very impressed by his performance. also, he now has a fan-club of five-year-olds, who think his kicks are 'awesome'.

final score.

and, there were fireworks afterwards!