Saturday, June 03, 2006

whos with me?

well, vegas is just around the corner.

woody and i are planning on leaving thursday around 5pm from our house. we are contemplating taking a limo, so we have room for anyone that wants to join us. we will be coming back sunday, not sure what time. i know it might make it hard on some of you that want to go but have to work on friday, but you can always call in sick. so, let me know who wants to come with us, the more the merrier.

ps. happy birthday, kendall.


edluv said...

you may want to just jetta it. my buddy wise hasn't given me his official word, i'll try and lock that down today. brian, adam, and others that once seemed in are now out. the johnsons are out. the jay out. becky out. i don't know about kendall.

so, once again, it may just be the 4 of us over there.

timidvenus said...

which would be fine, i can tan alone or in a group. but it would be nice if everyone were going.

edluv said...

mike wise out. kendall out.

so, unless you've got some other secret guests coming, the jetta's probably good.