Monday, June 19, 2006

nothing to do

well, the office manager called in sick today, so i am stuck behind a desk all day. normally this wouldnt be a bad job, but no new cases came in this weekend for the south side of kern county, so any paperwork there is to do is old and boring, and i dont want to do it. so i have been blog reading since 8 this morning, after i checked the answering service messages, and i went to leftybrowns site (whoever that is). as it turns out, i know nothing about the political world. now, this does not bother me very much, but as i was reading, i feel a little left out. really, the only political info i get is from real time with bill maher, and even that is hard to follow. so, i am going to be doing some reading today, and am open to suggestions. i doubt ill stay with this very long, as i think it might bore me, but who knows? some parts of politics interest me.

also, my dad was telling me that fresno has free wireless internet available downtown. he read an article in the bee on friday, so on his way to school he stopped in front of the stadium or somewhere and logged on with his laptop. very cool he says, he has always been a big fan of downtown and the fulton mall, now he can go have a bite to eat and surf the web (i just imagine him having a hot dog and checking out the cameras on the monterey bay aquarium site). so, back to my question: where is that article? did anyone see it? i looked arount the bees site, but couldnt find it. just wondering.

and, if anyone wants to join me for the day, come on over, i am so bored. or you can drop me a line.


Adam said...

If you want some leftist political reading with a nice sarcastic spin to it, I recommend Shakespeare's Sister. And you can link to pretty much any site off of her's and find either a feminist or a political or both together, viewpoint.

timidvenus said...

i might just check that out, although feminist viewpoints are some of the hardest ones for me to understand.

edluv said...

you can find info on the free wifi on

timidvenus said...

thats some pretty cool stuff.