Tuesday, June 06, 2006


i got a call from my friend ann yesterday morning. some of you might know her, shes come out for drinks with me a few times. funny, i almost didnt answer the phone because i was fairly busy and she, like myself, is a talker. but, i did answer, and as it turns out she had 2 extra tickets to see madonna in fresno last night. her husband works for fresno state, although i am not too sure what he actually does, and the concert hadnt sold out in the $350 section (i wonder why...). well, madonnas people and savemart centers people werent about to let the concert go on with unfilled seats, so they gave the tickets away to csuf people. so, they got 4 tickets and last minute the couple that they were going with cancelled. this is where i come in. i am anns funnest friend, so she called. woody didnt want to go, and i had no idea who i would take, so i went by myself and they gave the fourth ticket away to some of his co-workers that could use an extra. it was a good show. she didnt sing vogue for me though. i took some pics, and scanned in my ticket (i had to, since it was so expensive and i got it for free).

this is a pic of the stage. there was a catwalk type of thing down the center, and one coming out on either side.

this was going to be a piuc of her on her cross, but they all came out like this. there was a big deal in bakersfield about this cross she was on, im sure fresno heard about it too. i think she and kanye got their crowns made by the same company.

and here is the ticket. i am so lucky.


edluv said...

along with the cross, i heard she made some anti bush statements. honestly, i don't know why people are surprised or really care that much when some celeb does these things. especially when it's one like madonna, who's done it many times before.

timidvenus said...

i agree with you, ed. she also has a potty mouth.

but she did this whole fres-yes spiel, which was pretty funny, and did apologize for her language.

kendalljean said...

Lucky girl! How were the seats, aside from expensive?

Scott & Malisa Johnson said...

Oooohhhh, that is so great. I am totally jealous! What songs did she sing, not like specifically, but a lot of her new stuff, old, or a combo?

I always wonder if somebody like Madonna does what most of us do when we look back to ten year prior, and say, "what was I thinking?"

timidvenus said...

i thought the seats were great. we werent on the floor, which is good, the stage was above the floor, so i think they had to sort of look up at her from there. we were on the side, but had a great view.

she sang a lot of both, but her newer stuff seemed to last forever. i think im just getting old, and madonna, is not.

edluv said...

were the seats better than chappelle?

and, i don't care if she was potty mouth. that's what i expect from madonna.

as for fresyes, i'm impressed that she knew about that whole marketing scheme. i've read how's she's sort of detached about her local audiences.