Thursday, June 22, 2006

the list of names

these are the names we have so far. they are in alphabetical order and a few have pronunciation guides in paranthesis. i have also put their meanings next to them.
brigid - power, vigor, virtue
caoimhe (keeva) - gentle, beautiful, precious
cecilia - blind
clementine - merciful
deirdre - sorrowful
dinah - vindicated
elise - concecrated to god
gwendolyn - new moon
hazel - hazelnut tree
juliet - youthful
maebh (mayv) - she who intoxicates
maire (myra) - bitter
niamh (neev) - radiance, luster, brightness


Scott & Malisa Johnson said...

I'm not going to be one of those people who says, "Oh, you should totally name her ____ or you totally shouldn't name her _____." That said, I like multiple names on your list. Good luck with that. It is hard to agree, I know.

timidvenus said...

yeah, really woody doesnt like any names at all, ever. hes just gonna call her 'hey you' or something.

jennyo78 said...

yeah, picking names is hard. we decided if we have another boy, he'll have to be named "OB- other boy" since we had such a hard time picking this name. -Jenny

Adam said...

Too much "mom talk" going on here. Name the kid Chyna and be done with it. =P

Adam said...

Sorry, I meant to link from the name Chyna, like that.

timidvenus said...

well jenny, ive got tons of boy names if you need any more, or we could just trade the next ones. with my family history i doubt i will ever birth a boy.

and adam, funny you should say that, i bet its worse than hanging out with a group of teachers during testing season...

edluv said...

i think you should name her after whichever player receives the golden boot in the year's world cup.

for instance, if ronaldinho wins it, you could call her ronaldinha. or if david beckham wins, davida. or maybe posh spice woody.

but, if some german wins, forget it.

i do like maire. that name plays in a lot in the book of ruth. naomi comes home and tells everyone to call her "bitter" because her husband and sons are gone, and there is no one to provide.

of course, with all this nonstandard english spellings your little girl will have to endure every teacher mispronouncing her name. but maybe that will make everyone else feel normal about having their name mangled.

Uncle Skip said...

OB is not 'other boy!' That's what guys whose last names are O'Brien or Oberhoffer are called when nobody can remember the name given them by their parents. Trust me... I know from experience.
My parents... you know who they were... were going to name their daughter(s) 'Suzie' right up until the very last second. The actuality is that the younger one's middle name is Susan.
You will know the right name for your girl when it is appropriate.

timidvenus said...

well, thats what everyone keeps telling me, but id just rather pick it and have it done with already, that way i can get used to spelling the dang thing (the top 2 contenders are a little weird).

and truth be told, posh spice woody is sounding better all the time.

kendalljean said...

Cool list... I checked since you wouldn't tell me Saturday night. =) And like Scott and Malissa, I have a favorite or two, but I will leave that to you guys. It's great how unique the names are, just as I am sure she will be!

timidvenus said...

yeah, shes going to be totally nuts, i mean, just my genes alone will make her weird...

Scott & Malisa Johnson said...

As long as you don't name her something like "dick woody" I think that she will be fine! :)