Thursday, June 22, 2006

its a girl

well, its a girl. here are her pictures:
the dot on her belly is a hand.

her elbow and forearm are just above her nose and mouth in this one, and her other arm and hand are alongside the back of her head. her skin is really thin still, and she doesnt have alot of muscle or fat yet, so her bones are really easy to see. when she would turn and look at us her head looked just like a skull. very strange.

the two arrows are pointing to her girl parts. i asked the doc if there is any chance of her growing boy parts, and she said no. so, its a girl.

the ultrasound took forever, they had to measure everything, but we got to see her heart ans kidneys and spine and all. they took almost 30 pics, i guess they run ratios on it all to find out more info about her due date.

so there she is.


Adam said...

So what was the name going to be?




Scott & Malisa Johnson said...

We relied on calling Emily K.B for Kidney Bean for the first four months or so.

timidvenus said...