Tuesday, June 20, 2006

i finished my lady

well, she is finished, but i want a background for her. she isnt perfect, but i am very happy with her. most of the drawings i attempt are done in pointalism, its much easier not to ruin it since its done dot by dot. this one made me nervous. i liked the way she looked after i penciled her in, and almost didnt ink her for fear of the permanance of lines drawn incorrectly. well, i did it, and now am thinking about her background. i also am thinking about coloring her in with chalks, but have not really done that before, so i might not. anyhoo, here she is, i dont have a name for her yet:


The Jay said...

Sara, that's a very very nice picture! I just now saw that post (wednesday the 28th) and I just had to saw that it's very pretty!

timidvenus said...

thank you, jacob.