Tuesday, June 27, 2006

i am going to watch more tv

i have decided that i dont watch enough. i have missed out on a lot of shows, survivor, lost, 90210, etc., and am going to do something about it. these are the ones i watch regularly (although its re-run season): the oc, jeopardy, antiques roadshow, deadwood. those are the ones that i dont tend to miss, although jeopardy is hit-and-miss with it being on every weeknight. i also watch poker on tv, but thats more just because its on and less of a choice.
i have found a new show, lucky louie, though that is very funny. it is on hbo and is 1/2 hour. its on right after entourage, another show i really enjoy, and will be added to my list. i wouldnt mind watching big love either, the people that watch it seem to really like it (and i have met at least 5 of them), but i understand its season is over. so, who knows. im open to suggestions as to what to check out, but keep in mind, i have crappy taste in shows. none of this seinfield, arrested development, curb your enthusiasm stuff.


Adam said...

Have you watched House? I recommend.

edluv said...

it's always sunny in philadelphia (on fx, thursdays @ 10 i think)

Anonymous said...

grey's anatomy...I'm a newly recent fan watched season two ending and cried. Season 1 I watched in it's entireity. Good luck with that! I have bad taste too. it's ok as long as you can own it...it's all good!

Cute hairdo by the way. I love it! very sassy!

The Jay said...

Big Love? Boooooooooooring. I have tried to watch it on three occasions, really tried, and I would rather have stuck my thumb in my eye.

Deadwood is awesome. Entourage too. HBO cancelled Carnivàle, my favorite of their original series offerings, a long time ago but I was finally able to forgive them when they came out with Rome, which was aw-SUM!

Hmmm.. What else? I miss you guys!

Holla Back!

kendalljean said...

I second Grey's Anatomy... Becky you beat me to the punch. I have Season One if you want to get caught up, and if you are ever in town on Sunday evenings starting this fall there will be viewings held at my place.

Scott & Malisa Johnson said...

I also love Grey's Anatomy. Though it was on too late and I couldn't make it many times.

Here is the sad thing regarding T.V. with me. Scott and I turned on the T.V. at 10 pm and found that we had already watched both the Law and Order on NBC, and the 48 Hours Mystery on some other network. We're lame.

timidvenus said...

i have seen house before, and it is interesting. i think a lot of my problem is that i forget when things are on.

ive never heard of the philidelphia show.

the couple of times i saw greys anatomy i liked it okay, i saw the season finale of the last one where the hot doc and the even hotter girl doc had sex at the prom. very good episode, and yes, i do need to watch the 1st season.

its funny jay, the first person that told me they liked big love was my sister, anna, so i was very aprehensive. but then others liked it, and it did look interesting on the comercials, but still, i never made a point to watch much. ill have to see if i like it next season, i suppose. and i forgot about rome...

and also, law and order:svu is great, but i miss mariska.

Uncle Skip said...

Antiques Roadshow... even the reruns... talk about reality tv. Though maybe some of the appraisers can be a tad pompous.
Don't forget about Mystery and The Red Green Show. That one always leaves me wanting more

edluv said...

the hills on mtv

for some reason we've been watching it a lot. it's pathetic. a p.o.s. of a show, but somehow i keep watching episodes. and i really dislike all the people on the show.