Sunday, June 18, 2006

fathers day

well, i had a decent fathers day, and i am going to be nice enough to let you all know what happened.
woke up at 830 and watched the movie 'saved' with mandy moore. funny, although i dont know that i would have paid to rent it.
watched some soccer, australia v brazil and then later korea v france, the latter of which was more of a background noise type of thing while i cleaned and did laundry.
the rest of the afternoon was spent touching up on cleaning the house in order to get ready for my parents coming over (that, and the house was really a mess).
the folks came over at around 230 this afternoon. i was planning on coming down to fresno on saturday night and staying until sunday so that i could hang out with my dad for fathers day as long as we didnt get too busy at work, which i figured we wouldnt, and woody would have stayed to work anyway, but my mom called. she offered to bring my dad down to bakersfield for fathers day since my sisters are both in africa for a while. anyhoo, great idea.
we played rummikub for a while (i won twice and woody won once) and then went to dinner. it was a great night, and my parents hadnt been to bakersfield for a while. we hung out after dinner for a bit, woody had to go in to work for a few, someone broke a window, and then my folks went back to fresno.
so thats about it, but i took some pics of the clean house for you all to marvel at.

my cute house, with a nice clean porch.

another view of the porch, with all of my pretty plants. this strawberry planter here has herbs in it, and the plant coming out of the top of it is a pepper plant that has peppers on it. i think i might make some salsa.

here is the living room, i should have taken a close up of the floors, which are super clean. also, the table is now covered in more laundry. all i ever do is laundry and dishes...but at least ive got clean undies this week.

here is the den. you cant tell that everything is clean and dust-free, but you can imagine.

heres the dining room, also with a sparkling floor.

and finally, this is a light that my parents brought me, that my aunt heather took out of my great-aunt sibellas house. it is a really cool art deco (my favorite) light that hangs from the ceiling.

there are four of these covers, and once i get it all cleaned up and put together ill post some more pics of it, or you could come over, i am hoping to install it within the next couple of weeks.

also, there is a fight that we are getting on saturday july 8 between ortiz and shamrock. we are having anyone over that wants to chill, maybe do some deep pit or corned beef and hang out for the weekend. we would love you all to make the trip.


Scott & Malisa Johnson said...

Lovely clean house. Where did you go to dinner? Bakerfield has a lot of new restuarants lately I noticed.

Thanks for letting me escape to your house the other night. I had a great time!
:) Malisa

Adam said...

Cool lamp.

timidvenus said...

yeah, i love it.