Friday, June 30, 2006

the babys room

these are what i am going to use to create the babys room. i havent yet picked exactly what i want, and am going to change the pattern a bit, but you get the idea. i will start working on the design in the next week i suppose, and i welcome input from anyone, especially those that have done this sort of thing before. i figure it will take a while to do the painting, but i also think it will be worth it. then i can start picking everything else, like curtains.


Adam said...

Arts and Crafts. I like. You're going to paint a border around the room like that? Wow.

timidvenus said...

okay, ive changed my mind. still its going to be art deco-esque, but im going to do the whole wall. ill post pics when i know more. and i think it might even end up looking feminine.

timidvenus said...

but, just in case anyone was interested, the oak leaves were my favorite.