Tuesday, May 30, 2006

work and baby names

well, were pretty busy at work this week. woody and i have a funeral mass tomorrow morning for a well-known man of bakersfield. he was really old and all, so it wasnt unexpected, but he opened a bar way way back in the day that he and his wife ran and it was the watering hole for just about all of east bakersfield (as really still is). really nice family, if you ask me, and the service should be great.

other than that guy we have a mass scheduled for both thursday and friday. 2 of the three masses are going to be said by father craig, who just happens to be my favorite pastor in all of kern county (can preists be called pastors?). he is an amazing speaker and just a nice guy. the other mass will be said by monsignior braun, whom i also like very well, so all in all i am pretty happy. 3 masses in one week for a non-catholic is pretty huge, if i ever convert im set. i might
even take some pics of the churches, they are really pretty.

anyhoo, thats this week in a nutshell, im probably going to wish this weekend was vegas, but hopefully it will be hot enough for me to go swimming and work on my tan.

also, no one ever got the boys name from this list that we like (which is still in the #1 spot, with edward at a close 2rd and partick 3rd), but here is a list with not 1, but 3 girls names on it that we love. hint: one of them is not fiona (although if woody didnt have a huge crush on fiona apple it is a nice name and i might pick it).