Tuesday, May 02, 2006

today was a good day

actually, i am going to start with yesterday:
i found out what the song was that i like so much.

then i got home last night and had a package from my aunt joanne in san jose. i left a cookbook at the sea ranch house and she sent it back to me, although there were also presents for me in it (well, the card was to woody and me, but theyre really for me). here is a list of what was in the package:
hooter hider - its like an apron that goes around the neck and covers the front of the body so that if one has to breast feed around people they dont have to show them their boobs. after all, babies are born to be breast fed (that was on a billboard i saw today).
lots of books. here are the titles (i am leaving out the cook book):
the tao of poop: keeping your sanity (and your soul) while raising a baby
how my breasts saved the world: misadventures of a nursing mother (just so you all arent confused, i am going to breastfeed this kid)
baby laughs: the naked truth about the first year of motherhood (this one, as well as the next title, are by jenny mccarthy, but aunt joanne swears they are good despite that)
belly laughs: the naked truth about pregnancy and childbirth
and finally:
operating instructions: a journal of my sons first year
now, this last title is the one i started reading. it is by an author with quite a few other books out named anne lamott. aunt joanne says it is a great book, as well as her others, and so i decided to read it first. well, i got through the first paragraph or so and realized that just about every sentence reminded me of eleanore. i realize that i do not really know her, and also that i dont think she wants to have children, but i swear, there is something about it that makes me think of her. anyhoo, it is a good read and i laughed out loud quite a few times. she is quite cynical (the author, not eleanore). recomended.

and now for today:
i had to go to the mexican consulate in fresno. i left this morning and got my paperwork in by 930 am, and they said it would be ready in an hour (very surprising, usually it takes half a day). so, i called my friend, ed, and we went to the chicken pie shop for breakfast. very nice. then i went home, but stopped by calwa elementary to say hi to my dad, who was surprised to see his favorite daughter.
nothing exciting happened at work, but i did get to go to a crematory and see a cremation in the process. very strange. if anyone wants to know what its like, let me know, but i wont put it here for the sake of the normal people of the world that would rather not know about it.
then, i got home and had another package! thanks to nick, the woodys all have new shirts from tshirthell.com. even the baby got one. i opened up this baby shirt, and really, it is very hard to believe that i am not going to break something so little.

so, i think there was something else, but i cant think of what it is.