Monday, May 15, 2006

pictures and randomness

today i realized how huge i am getting. it almost gave me a panic attack.
i was at work today and met with a family at about 10am. the whole time i was so hot and sweaty. it was awful. i felt like i was soaking wet. how embarassing, right? and the whole time i kept thinking that i couldnt wait until i was done so that i could unbutton my suit pants and lay down to cool off. even more embarassing...
so, woody came in after i was done, and he saw (and heard) how miserable i was, so he said i should go shopping. it didnt really sound like fun, but i dont fit in most of the suits i own anymore. so i went. turns out the maternity selection in bakersfield sucks.

on another topic, when we were in fresno this past weekend we went to my parents church. this is a pic of a banner that my mom painted. its about 10 or so feet tall. it reads 'amazing grace' and has jesus on it. i wish it came out better in the pic.


edluv said...

chivas sucks! go club america!

chiva de corazon! said...

puto el que le valla al america! twice!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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