Tuesday, May 16, 2006

its hot in bakersfield

well, it was 98 degrees yesterday. nice and toasty. woody and i have been working in the back yard though, and the pool is loverly. we had to buy a new pool vacuum ( i never know how to spell that), and i is working very well. we also got some patio furniture (or that) that is comfy and chic. like most of the things at our house, it came from target. the plants that i have been working so hard on have all made it so far, even the creeping fig that i figured wouldnt. so, we are ready for company. would anyone like to come spend some time this summer?


Adam said...

Count me in.

edluv said...

maybe in july. my june is pretty booked. or august. or september. it's not like i've got much on my calendar.

timidvenus said...


just let me know when.

well be gont aug 3-10, but around other than that. were going to go to a resort in the bahamas. look up www.atlantis.com
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