Tuesday, April 25, 2006

tagging the mortuary

last night woody and i got a first call. a first call is what mortuary people call the first call that a funeral home recieves of a death. so, the answering service called us around 10 last night and said that someone had died so that we could go to their home to get them. so we went to the mortuary in bakersfield in order to get a gurney and the fax that the answering service sent with the info for the first call (address, name, nok, etc.). we pull up and see that there is red spray paint on the front of the building. woody gets out of the car and starts walking up to it, since it was hard to read in the dark. well, as he is doing this two kids walk out from the alley on the side of the building and into the street. so, he says something to them and they start to go faster, and are soon running. so, woody runs after them. at this point i start to panic and get out of the car and run down the street (which is not easy in 4 inch heels (really cute shoes though)) after him. by the time i reach the end of the street i cant see them anymore, at which point i start really panicing. i run back to the car and get in, and am shaking so badly that i cant get the key in the the ignition. i was really freaking out. then i calmed down. i sat there for a minute and started the car and went looking for woody. he was around the block waiting at an alley for the cops to show up that he had called. well, we wait there for about 5 or 10 minutes (by this time the kids must be long gone, for a while we could hear them down the alley shaking and spraying the paint can) and woody calls the cops back. they said they were too busy and that they wouldnt be there (shouldnt they have said that before woody chased them all over?) for a while, to which woody told them to just forget it.

so, it sucked. this is what they wrote on the front of the building:
"i eat babies"
"kaos" - this one was symbol-y looking, like an anarchy sign
"death" - this had an arrow pointing to the front door
the last one we found on the side of the building and read 'f--- bush'

what the? very strange...i eat babies? f--- bush? death...on a mortuary? brilliant.


Adam said...

Aaw. It's so cute when dumb people try to interact with society. You just want to kiss them on their neanderthal foreheads and hold their hands.

Anonymous said...

Why did they have to tag "KAOS", I am so appalled by that one!! ok I guess the "I eat babies" and "death" and might be offensive to the masses as well. Hey they should win a Humanitarian award for the "F-Bush" though.

edluv said...

that's some odd stuff. why would you tag on a mortuary? stupid kids. i'd rather have some lame gang stuff over that b.s.

timidvenus said...

i know. what a waste of time. and to top it off, the ex-manager of the place (who quit when we took over) came by to pick up mail that was there for him and saw it.