Wednesday, April 12, 2006

the sea ranch

well, i had a great vacation.
on friday my mom and i drove up to the sea ranch. the drive took 5.5 hours and it was really nice. we ate dinner at pea soup andersen in santa nella. good stuff. when we got there my aunt joanne was already there. the three of us sat up and chatted until 230 in the morning and then went to bed.
the morning when i woke up, i was amazed at the view and the scenery of the house. i had never been there, mostly because of the length of the trip. we used to go to mendocino (about an hour north of the sea ranch) when i was younger, and the weather was a lot the same. we just did whatever we wanted, mostly watching movies and reading. anna and rebekah got there that night, and the next day we went shopping in a little town north of the house called gualala (or something like that).
it was so relaxing and fun. i think we should go up all of us, and stay for a week or so. here are some pics. also, i have put more pics of myself on a good hair and make-up day on my flickr account.

okay, blogger isnt letting me upload pics, so ill try later.


The Jay said...

OK, your picture of the three positive tests just cracked my ass up.

...wait, that crack was already there.

Anyway, I found it really funny.