Sunday, April 30, 2006

random thoughts on 4-30

happy birthday adam, again.

every time i hear a natasha beddingfield (thats her name, right?) song on the radio i think of kendall.

i sure missed everyone this weekend.

congrats to ed and ken. way to go!

thank you so much to the deputy investigator at the coroners office who helped me out today. you really made my day easier,

my backyard is so awesome (see pics). last weekend i planted plants, and this weekend we got some patio furniture.

sorry, its sideways. the little vine in the big pot is a creeping fig. the flowers are foxglove and the little pot is a bird of paradise (in memory of my wedding).

this is a pic of the back of the wall around the yard. i planted these two vines, jasmine, so that they would cover the wall and maybe over it a little to the yard. and now our neighbors wont have to look at the ugly wall.

there is a great song on the radio that i want to know about. it is sung by a girl and is r&b-ish. i cant even think of what its about. does anyone know it?


kendalljean said...

did you know I like Natasha Beddingfield?

timidvenus said...

of course i did. what did you think i was, a crazy stalker or something??

kendalljean said...

hahaha! No I just think the lyrics are so applicable to my life... just kidding! I just didn't remember talking about it.

Anonymous said...

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