Wednesday, April 05, 2006

my lame posting

well, for the last couple of weeks i have been such a bad blogger. really, i havent been on the internet much either, mostly because i am so tired all of the time, but partly because i have nothing going on. i mean, i go to bed at like 8.

but heres the scoop on what i get to do this weekend:
my aunt joanne lives up in san jose. she and her husband, my uncle greg, bought a house a couple years ago in a place called the sea ranch. so, the first part of their ownership of the house was devoted to remodeling it. i saw pictures of it before, but dont really remember what it was like. i dont know what it is like now either, since i have never been there, but i am pretty sure it is neat. thanksgiving was there this year, but its an 8 or 9 hour drive from bakersfield, which is a little too long for a 2 day trip. so, friday my mom and i are driving up there. my sisters are going to meet us there on sat, and aunt joanne should be there before my mom and i. so, im not coming back until tuesday, and ill take pics to post when im back.

woody will be in the no for mcc.

also, my irises are blooming. they look very pretty


The Jay said...

Too bad I won't catch you this time. Good that I will see Woody, but I'll miss you. See you in June!