Monday, April 24, 2006

ive been working my buns off

this past weekend i was planning on a trip to fresno, but as it turns out, we had to work. so, since we were in town, i decided to go some yard work. for my birthday my mom and dad bought me some really nice pots for the backyard. we went to the pot farm in fresno there on herndon and villa (i think) and i picked out some really great ones. i have had them for about a month now, but havent had the chance to do anything with them, mostly because of the weather. but on saturday i went to the store to buy plants and soil and fertilizer so that i could get to work. anyhew, i planted quite a few plants, some vines, some flowers and some shrubs, all in pots, to go throughout the backyard. it looks great. i didnt have a chance to clean up the rest of the yard, but as soon as i do i will post some pics. on sunday afternoon, after i worked a bit at the mortuary, i also did some gardening. i planted two vines in the alley so that they can grow up the wall and, after a while up a 2-foot lattice on top of the wall. its gonna be nice.

so, this coming weekend woody and i are off, but we are going to be covering for his parents on saturday, which means we wont be able to come visit. so, anyone that wants to is welcome to come over and hang out with the fat pregnant lady and her hubby. just let us know.


The Jay said...

I'll be there, drinking on your couch all weekend in an undershirt, boxers, and 3-day beard.

timidvenus said...

i cant wait. i love 3 day beards.