Sunday, April 30, 2006

random thoughts on 4-30

happy birthday adam, again.

every time i hear a natasha beddingfield (thats her name, right?) song on the radio i think of kendall.

i sure missed everyone this weekend.

congrats to ed and ken. way to go!

thank you so much to the deputy investigator at the coroners office who helped me out today. you really made my day easier,

my backyard is so awesome (see pics). last weekend i planted plants, and this weekend we got some patio furniture.

sorry, its sideways. the little vine in the big pot is a creeping fig. the flowers are foxglove and the little pot is a bird of paradise (in memory of my wedding).

this is a pic of the back of the wall around the yard. i planted these two vines, jasmine, so that they would cover the wall and maybe over it a little to the yard. and now our neighbors wont have to look at the ugly wall.

there is a great song on the radio that i want to know about. it is sung by a girl and is r&b-ish. i cant even think of what its about. does anyone know it?

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

this is fun

zip decode. you will like it, but it only holds your interest for a short time.


what is going on here?

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

tagging the mortuary

last night woody and i got a first call. a first call is what mortuary people call the first call that a funeral home recieves of a death. so, the answering service called us around 10 last night and said that someone had died so that we could go to their home to get them. so we went to the mortuary in bakersfield in order to get a gurney and the fax that the answering service sent with the info for the first call (address, name, nok, etc.). we pull up and see that there is red spray paint on the front of the building. woody gets out of the car and starts walking up to it, since it was hard to read in the dark. well, as he is doing this two kids walk out from the alley on the side of the building and into the street. so, he says something to them and they start to go faster, and are soon running. so, woody runs after them. at this point i start to panic and get out of the car and run down the street (which is not easy in 4 inch heels (really cute shoes though)) after him. by the time i reach the end of the street i cant see them anymore, at which point i start really panicing. i run back to the car and get in, and am shaking so badly that i cant get the key in the the ignition. i was really freaking out. then i calmed down. i sat there for a minute and started the car and went looking for woody. he was around the block waiting at an alley for the cops to show up that he had called. well, we wait there for about 5 or 10 minutes (by this time the kids must be long gone, for a while we could hear them down the alley shaking and spraying the paint can) and woody calls the cops back. they said they were too busy and that they wouldnt be there (shouldnt they have said that before woody chased them all over?) for a while, to which woody told them to just forget it.

so, it sucked. this is what they wrote on the front of the building:
"i eat babies"
"kaos" - this one was symbol-y looking, like an anarchy sign
"death" - this had an arrow pointing to the front door
the last one we found on the side of the building and read 'f--- bush'

what the? very strange...i eat babies? f--- bush? death...on a mortuary? brilliant.

Monday, April 24, 2006

ive been working my buns off

this past weekend i was planning on a trip to fresno, but as it turns out, we had to work. so, since we were in town, i decided to go some yard work. for my birthday my mom and dad bought me some really nice pots for the backyard. we went to the pot farm in fresno there on herndon and villa (i think) and i picked out some really great ones. i have had them for about a month now, but havent had the chance to do anything with them, mostly because of the weather. but on saturday i went to the store to buy plants and soil and fertilizer so that i could get to work. anyhew, i planted quite a few plants, some vines, some flowers and some shrubs, all in pots, to go throughout the backyard. it looks great. i didnt have a chance to clean up the rest of the yard, but as soon as i do i will post some pics. on sunday afternoon, after i worked a bit at the mortuary, i also did some gardening. i planted two vines in the alley so that they can grow up the wall and, after a while up a 2-foot lattice on top of the wall. its gonna be nice.

so, this coming weekend woody and i are off, but we are going to be covering for his parents on saturday, which means we wont be able to come visit. so, anyone that wants to is welcome to come over and hang out with the fat pregnant lady and her hubby. just let us know.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

i know i said i wouldnt...

this is the pic of the baby. it measured at 10 weeks, so i now have an official due date of nov 17th. we heard its heartbeat and saw it moving all around. i wish its hands were visible, they were waving like crazy. anyhoo, thats that.

ps. just for your knowedge, it is the size of a grape.

Monday, April 17, 2006

doesnt really need a title

whats going on in fresno this weekend?

Saturday, April 15, 2006

sea ranch pics, finally

racoons. we fed them cat food. they are really cute. this is them on the back porch.


sea enemy.

waterfall on the beach from all the rain we got up there.

view from the porch.

Friday, April 14, 2006

for those that are interested

i have been working on a site for work.

let me know what you think. clarmar is the name that owns our funeral homes so that the accounting can be done as if it were one entity, instead of 5 seperate ones. there is still a lot that needs to be fixed, but it is in the hands of the site managing company, then i can fix it.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

iq testing

i was emailed this site that says it is going to test my iq. not like a real iq test, but whatever. if you score 19 or more you are a genius, but its out of 33, so it seems like it is a little too easy. these are the ones i would like to know:
#24 - i think i know all but the "L" in it.
#28 - no clue
#30 - i have an idea, but cant come up with the right words.
#31 - no clue
#32 - i was sure i had it, but it was worng.
#33 - no clue

so, let me know. im really interested.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

the sea ranch

well, i had a great vacation.
on friday my mom and i drove up to the sea ranch. the drive took 5.5 hours and it was really nice. we ate dinner at pea soup andersen in santa nella. good stuff. when we got there my aunt joanne was already there. the three of us sat up and chatted until 230 in the morning and then went to bed.
the morning when i woke up, i was amazed at the view and the scenery of the house. i had never been there, mostly because of the length of the trip. we used to go to mendocino (about an hour north of the sea ranch) when i was younger, and the weather was a lot the same. we just did whatever we wanted, mostly watching movies and reading. anna and rebekah got there that night, and the next day we went shopping in a little town north of the house called gualala (or something like that).
it was so relaxing and fun. i think we should go up all of us, and stay for a week or so. here are some pics. also, i have put more pics of myself on a good hair and make-up day on my flickr account.

okay, blogger isnt letting me upload pics, so ill try later.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

my lame posting

well, for the last couple of weeks i have been such a bad blogger. really, i havent been on the internet much either, mostly because i am so tired all of the time, but partly because i have nothing going on. i mean, i go to bed at like 8.

but heres the scoop on what i get to do this weekend:
my aunt joanne lives up in san jose. she and her husband, my uncle greg, bought a house a couple years ago in a place called the sea ranch. so, the first part of their ownership of the house was devoted to remodeling it. i saw pictures of it before, but dont really remember what it was like. i dont know what it is like now either, since i have never been there, but i am pretty sure it is neat. thanksgiving was there this year, but its an 8 or 9 hour drive from bakersfield, which is a little too long for a 2 day trip. so, friday my mom and i are driving up there. my sisters are going to meet us there on sat, and aunt joanne should be there before my mom and i. so, im not coming back until tuesday, and ill take pics to post when im back.

woody will be in the no for mcc.

also, my irises are blooming. they look very pretty