Sunday, March 05, 2006

vegas, baby

here are some pics of vegas. jay, becky, woody and i all went. we stayed at the four queens downtown. friday night we hung out downtown and then went to the strip to go to gillys (in who knows what casino). it was fun, beckys friend uli came out to hang for a bit. they had topless bull riding at the end of the night. very strange. saturday we hung out during the day, woody and jay were in a poker tournament at bininions. they had fun, woody lasted a long time, i think he finished 15th. maybe dont ask him about it, it was due to a dealers mistake that he was knocked out. saturday night we went to a lounge called the peppermill near the stardust. we also had dinner there. very strange: they serve 10 egg omlettes. it is the standard size they serve, not just a special. interestingly, all of their portions are equally as big. then we went to the bellagio to watch the water show. very cool. then we went back downtown were the drinks are cheap and the entertainment free. fun times had by all. also: i love video poker. i think they should install them at the bar at azul.

here are some pics:
woody looking so cute

i have no idea

jay and becky at the peppermill lounge (note the nice outfits)

group of ladies that jay talked to. i think they were having an anniversary party or something.

strange couple that was dancing downtown. crazy.

hopefully jay will post some more pics. he used a real camera.


Anonymous said...

don't forget the strange couple will be you and Woody for Halloween this year.

edluv said...

it's so average for jay to just talk to random people about stuff. like, one time in vegas, jay asked this guy in the elevator, "what's your game?" the guy almost crapt himself. then another time, we made small talk about going to shows while on one of those overstreet bridge moving walkways.

and gilleys is in the hell of all hells, the new frontier. home of the complimentary adult toy in your room.

The Jay said...

I don't remember you taking the picture in the Lounge. I had been drinking Jack & Cokes for about ten hours by then. That place was so groovy. It's my absolute favorite place in Vegas. Expensive drinks, but anything is expensive compared to free drinks at the video poker bars.
And Woody did awesome at the poker tournament! Just amazing. Especially since he was the only non-douchebag there.
Sara, I so love the pic that I took of you & yer man at Gilley's. hop on over & checkit.

The Jay said...

Oh, and I like Julieta Venegas too. I heard her song "Lento" and just loved it.

timidvenus said...

yeah, shes great. that song is on the album i am currently listening to. good stuff.

NicoleW said...
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edluv said...

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