Tuesday, March 28, 2006

my plan

so, this is what im going to do. i am going to try to get all of my 'im gonna have a baby' blah blah blah out right now, so that i can spare you all of the stuff you dont want to hear about later. not that i dont think you all are interested, but i dont want to blog about it and all (well, that much anyway). so, other than letting you know when the due date is whenever i find that out, you are welcome to ask me questions, but i dont plan on listing the number of times ive puked (3) or the number of jars of pickles i have eaten this week (1.75).

so, this is what you all should know (i have been doing some on-line reading):

some women suffer from non-food cravings which can include ice, dirt, detergent, ashes, paint chips, the list goes on, and it is called pica. strangest thing i have ever heard about. if you get a chance to read the article, read about 10 or so of the comments. weird...

babys get cute clothes.
this makes me want a boy.

this doesnt make me want a girl, but its cute.

moms clothes, not so cute. whats with the elastic waist bands? sooooooooooooo ugly

and, lastly, here are a few names. maybe you can find the one i like, but i doubt it.

so, i think that might be it.


edluv said...

it's so padraig.

hey, you could give your child 3 woman's names, that is, if it's a boy.

or perhaps 3 man's name on a woman.

or, slam some other names together.

or, some sort of ironic twist using your last name.

how about ciabatta?

mr. orange?

jesus? and i don't mean all spanish pronunciated. gra-ci-el-la morennno loves adam.


timidvenus said...

ed, this ironic twist, do you have any suggestions? right now the last name has been a bit of an issue, since we have to be careful what is put with woody. for example, i like the name jack, i would even say that it is my favorite name, but with a last name like woody, i am told it just wont work.
also, i like the name rutherford, but woody doesnt so much. so, i picked a good irish mane, and i think woody likes it too, but he wants a girl.

so i think mary jane is the top contender. girls names arent my specialty though.

edluv said...

rutherford woody? what does that kid go as for short? r? rudy?

mary jane woody, hmmm (i've just self edited my comments to protect the innocent).

as woody (& roxie) knows, it really doesn't matter what first name you have. with that last name, kids are going to be kids and tease the crap out of her/him.

what about jackson? there's a guy @ seminary and their boy is named jackson. it's really grown on me. seems a bit hipster elitist, but that's cool too. and, you could call him jack, but he'd go by jackson @ school and possibly be less likely to be harassed.

or, name him sue.

timidvenus said...

i figure if he were to be named rutherford we would pick a good middle name like joshua and call him rj.

i have also thought about the name jackson, but i just dont like it.

Scott & Malisa Johnson said...

I also like Rutherford. I also REALLY like the name Jack. Ya know, Richard (dick) Woody wasn't the easiest for getting left alone at school either, but I think that a child will be who a child will be regardless of his name. Just like your hubby.

Boys names were a lot harder for Scott and I because we both had so many naughty boys at school. Girls were much easier. I personally love the "virtue" names for a girl, like Hope, Faith, and Grace. All of which I think make great middle names as well. Hence... Emily Grace Johnson.

kendalljean said...

Ok, so I just saw this post... then scrolled down to the earlier one! Oh MY Gosh! Congrats you guys! I am so exited for you!