Wednesday, March 15, 2006

a job for adam, and some tile

i got the newest issue of american bungalow yeaterday when i went to barnes and noble. i cant seem to get enough of it. the whole magazine is about bungalow houses and all things arts and crafts. mostly i think i buy it for the ads, there are ads for everything i could ever want for my house, and its cool to see other people that are restoring their bungalows. its all so earthy.
so, this made me think. i think that adam, who seems to worry about the direction of his career, should look at some of these ads. he could totally make it as a high-end arts and crafts furniture maker and put ads in this mag.
also, it made me think that i wish i knew how to tile my kitchen floor. i doubt i would have time (or money) to it anyway. but ever since we got my new dishwasher and had to cut through the tile to get it in, i have been thinking that retiling the kitchen is the next big thing to do. i never liked the tile anyway, it doesnt fit the house, and was installed improperly so that now the tile looks dirty and stained, so im happy about cutting into it. i just wish i could do it all myself. so, i guess my countertops are going to wait...


Adam said...

Thanks for the support Sara.

timidvenus said...

yeah, although i realize you would need some money also, which i cant give you. i mean, you need a workshop, some tools, and the wood also, not to mention the decorative accents the pieces would need. but once youve got those, let me know, i have tons of ideas for pieces, most of them with some lovely inlay accents in the shapes of poppies and such. good ideas. ones that would sell (or live with me at home).