Thursday, February 02, 2006

that 70s show

what is with that show?
did they get a new writer?
this is so awful.

i was addicted
to that 70s show once
but not anymore.

at least the oc
is a brand new episode
its my favorite.


edluv said...

yeah, i used to be sooo into the oc. now, i don't care. last season, i watched a few episodes, but it just didn't cut it for me anymore. tonight, i flipped it by there for like, 2 minutes. lame. same old story: seth can't man up around his girl, ryan doesn't trust his. only now ryan is a square, and seth is on the doob.

Anonymous said...

I love it because the OC is so like the tv show....NOT

Julie said...

I used to like that 70s show too. It was one of my favorites. Now I don't bother to watch it except for the re-runs on at 6 or 7 each night.

The Jay said...

Donna getting blonde hair was pretty much Fonzie jumping the shark. Although Kelso becoming la policia had its moments. I watched it yesterday and lousy lousy LOUSY.

Anonymous said...

I used to watch it every now and then but, I turn it on lately hoping that it will miraculously be better. It's the same mentality that I have with SNL. just hoping to catch one or two things that are funny....but in the end I'm always dissappointed!

edluv said...

i didn't catch that those were haiku. but now, i do.