Monday, February 20, 2006

pictures of someone other than myself

woody wanted me to post these pics.

this is him and his friend, anthony, at their friend gabes wedding.

this is him with the wasco boys: gabe, russell, and anthony (left to right)


The Jay said...

Wow. What a manly man-- wearing a tie and everything. Mr. Sophisticated. I'm impressed. And a little drunk! Good night, folks!

Anonymous said...

tell hime to get his own blog already. he couldn't stop talking about it. Just take the plunge. it's will be worth it in the end!

timidvenus said...

yeah, hes pretty enough. i mean, i could have done better, but who has the time?

and a big no to the blog thing. he thinks were all dorks.

Scott & Malisa Johnson said...

Awwww. What a cutie. Who woulda thunk Wasco boys could turn out so handsome?

Sam said...

What a studly husband you have, Saraka. :)