Tuesday, February 28, 2006

just a reminder

for those of you that want to wish me a happy birthday today, but might not have looked at your calendar where you wrote it down, i am giving you a reminder. there is a counter at the bottom of my blog page, but really, who looks there? for those of you not planning on wishing me a happy birthday, disregard this post.


ps. i am 26 today.


blaterer said...

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday, TimidVeeennuuusss :)!
Happy Birthday to you!

chevrefeuille said...


Love you so bad! May your wings give you flights of glory! - - - !Have a smoking Birthday! You ask for it, you got it. Toy-yooooota.

edluv said...

i wasn't going to wish you a happy birthday.

you know, i was supposed to be selling you something for your birthday. that hasn't happened yet. tell wood to go win some $, and buy your gift. and by your gift, i mean one of my paintings.

timidvenus said...

somehow i knew ed wasnt going to wish me a happy bday, which turned out pretty sucky so far anyways, but you cant have them all, right??

adam even called me. so did anna (and her whole class sang to me). actually, a lot of folks called (samka, monica, ann and the girls). i also got some text messages, so thanks! so, it wasnt all bad.

and also, i will get the painting the next time im up in fresno,

Scott & Malisa Johnson said...

Holy crap. So, I think that I had a card all made out to you... I should probably find that. If you don't get it until March 28, well it is because I am a dork.

I hope that you have a great birthday, and sorry for not getting a card out to you sooner!

Justin said...

I didn't have a card, and I wasn't planning to call. Fact is I'm crappy when it comes to this whole birthday thing.

Anywho, happy birthday and all that whatnot.

jennyo78 said...

Happy Birthday Sara! I thought about how it was almost your birthday last week, but I totally forgot this week. Sorry! Hope you did something fun.

Fishy said...

happy belated birthday, enjoy the day and make it yours.