Thursday, February 23, 2006

flowers and dana

well, i am happy to write that my flowers have started to bloom!

i planted a bunch of bulbs this past fall and the earliest of them (crocus and snowdrops) have started to bloom. also, this neighbor of ours gave me some little ranunculus (sp?) plants and they too have some flowers on them. here are some lovely photos:

this is a purple crocus. i also planted yellow and white ones, but most of them have not bloomed yet, and might not this year. sometimes bulbs take a season or two before they have flowers on them.

these are those flower that i cannot spell. VERY pretty!

this is a nicely grommed bush that i am going to take out, but now that it has pretty pink flowers on it, i am glad i havent yet.

and finally, this is my friend dana and my cat, tappolina. they love each other.


Adam said...

Aaaaww... =)

edluv said...

dana looks like he's about to snap. is he watching the president?

timidvenus said...

nope. curling. usa vs canada.

dana said...

I'mn about to snap because I'm terribly allergic to cats and everywhere I go they love me and want to be around me. I would just be mean to them, but my wife (who loves all animals, and cats especially) would end my life.

Adam said...

Like dogs can smell fear, cats can smell people with allergies. It's innate.

Scott & Malisa Johnson said...

Beautiful Flowers! I can't wait to get flowers and vegetables growing! Great Job!